Indianapolis Colts: why to watch Dewey McDonald

At this point in the offseason, with the main part of free agency and the draft behind us, we now know what the biggest question marks on this Indianapolis Colts’ team are: safety and center. And although center is unknown, they are relatively set at that position with sophomore Khaled Holmes.

That leaves the safety position as the most intriguing place to look heading into the season.

And one long shot that may be able to thrive from this opportunity is Dewey McDonald. McDonald is a big man, standing at 6-foot-0 and 220-pounds. For comparison, he is the same height and weight as mister biceps himself, LaRon Landry.

Although he didn’t see the strongest competition during his time at California (PA) College, he did dominate the opponents that crossed his path.

His senior season he finished with 89 tackles, 6 tackles for loss, 8 passes broken up and 3 interceptions, which were all returned for touchdowns.

The fact that he took all of his interceptions to the house is really interesting. The Colts need a returner, and McDonald clearly has the potential to become a solid contributor in that department. This may be his best way on to the 53-man roster.

But he certainly has talent on the defensive side of the ball as well. He may have trouble adjusting to the talent level of the NFL, but given time, he could really become a solid contributor for the horseshoe.

He showed capabilities in both the run game and coverage during his time in college and he most definitely has NFL size to go with that production.

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He went undrafted because of where he played, not how he played or what he is lacking physically. He must have off the field problems you say? Have you heard that he earned four degrees during his four years in college?

He has a bachelor’s degree in business management, sports management and marketing and also a master’s in business administration. All this was done in a four year span that takes some serious work ethic.

And hopefully that can translate into the film room at his new occupation. As an NFL safety in the city of Indianapolis.

I am really rooting for this guy and implore all of you to keep an eye out for him during the offseason workouts and preseason. You might just start getting a little excited yourself. Go Colts!

  • Jotwyla

    I’ve known and supported Dewey his entire college college career and can attest that he is more awesome off the field than he is on the field. Class act all the way!

  • Matthew Amy Hammock

    Dewey is a darn hard worker and, like you said, given time, could be a great fit.