North American LCS: Week three power rankings

Just when I thought things had settled down, things got crazy again in the North American LCS. Upsets all over the place, and I went a not-so-impressive 4-4 in my predictions. Here are the results, with the winner in bold and my predictions italicized.

Team SoloMid vs LMQ

Evil Geniuses vs Cloud 9

Team Dignitas vs Counter Logic Gaming

compLexity vs Curse

Cloud 9 vs Counter Logic Gaming

LMQ vs compLexity

Evil Geniuses vs Team Dignitas

Curse vs Team SoloMid

Saturday was where the upsets were, as I picked the favorites and came out 1-3 that day. The one upset I did pick, Curse over TSM, is of course the one that didn’t happen. The predictions this split are going to be pretty interesting at least. Here are the updated NA LCS power rankings after the week three action. They’re a bit different than the week two rankings.

Team Dignitas

Shiphtur, Team Dignitas

1. Team Dignitas (6-2)

They did lose this week to a good Counter Logic Gaming team, but going in it looked like they wouldn’t lose this one. They do hold on to beat EG on Sunday, and still remain on top of the standings and the power rankings. Another solid week for Shiphtur, going a combined 8/1/8 (K/D/A).

2. LMQ (6-2)

They had a perfect week one, a winless week two, and now back to a perfect week 3. Makes sense, as they played two teams they beat in week one. They took out TSM and compLexity, and in large part to XiaoWeiXiao in the mid lane. He went 2/1/8 with Kha’Zix (normally a jungler), and then dominated as Nidalee going 14/0/5 against compLexity.

Counter Logic Gamin

Link, Counter Logic Gaming

3. Counter Logic Gaming (5-3)

CLG loves hanging around around the third or fourth place in the standings for some reason. They have the talent to compete, as they showed this week against Dignitas, but then they can’t take advantage of Cloud 9 being vulnerable after a disappointing loss to EG. To keep moving up, they’ll need continued dominance from Doublelift (AD carry), and more consistent play from Link in the mid lane.

4. Team SoloMid (4-4)

TSM still struggling a bit this week, losing to LMQ but taking care of business against Curse. They still haven’t put it all together as a team, even though it appears the pieces are there. Decent week for Bjergsen, going 4/4/0 as Yasuo against LMQ and then a dominant 5/0/7 as Nidalee versus Curse.

5. Cloud 9 (5-3)

They may be third in the standings still, but they haven’t looked like a team that deserves to be in front. Well, they did last week as myself and others though they were back in form after a dominant week 2, but no excuses for them losing to EG. The team play wasn’t there as much this week, and they need to cut down the number of deaths (37 this week alone) to get back to winning consistently.

Evil Geniuses

Evil Geniuses

6. Evil Geniuses (2-6)

EG gets to jump up to sixth this week, as it pulled off the upset over Cloud 9. A little shimmer of hope on a so far not-so-good split. They did lose to Dignitas also, as expected. Solid play from AD carry Altec, going 15/1/6 as Twitch this week.

7. compLexity (2-6)

They may not have gotten as good of a win this week as EG did, but compLexity was able to take down Curse and move out of the bottom of the power rankings. They also lost to LMQ this week. Solid game by ROBERTxLEE (AD carry, 7/1/7) and kez (jungle, 2/1/10) against Curse.

8. Curse (2-6)

I thought Curse would be able to win some games this week, as they have played everybody tough so far. Unfortunately for them, the lost them both and one was even against compLexity. All said, Cop (AD carry, 3/0/7) had a good game against compLexity, and IWillDominate (jungle, 4/1/1) did well against TSM as silver linings.

Action continues on Saturday with the week four match-ups. Look forward to my predictions later this week.