San Francisco 49ers: A look at Shayne Skov

In my previous post I talked about San Francisco 49ers draft selections that fans could count on seeing on Sundays. However, NFL rosters aren’t 100 percent made up of players drafted in the first couple days.

Every season you can count on seeing guys like Arian Foster, Tom Brady, Kurt Warner and Antonio Gates who were all not drafted or in Brady’s case, drafted in the 6th round.  Since these guys sneak by all the talent scouts and general managers, it’s tough for anyone to dictate who the next pleasant surprise will be. Shayne Skov was a player that whose stock fell due to injuries and found himself not being drafted even though he was expected to go anytime from the fourth round on. After signing with the 49ers, in a system that he remembers fondly,(having played for Harbaugh and Fangio at Stanford) Skov has an uphill climb to determine if he in fact, belongs.

Skov is a good athlete and can be described as someone who plays the game with reckless abandon.  This can be both good or bad.  He always seems to be in the middle of the action and it showed in his production as a senior at Stanford posting 109 tackles and 5.5 sacks.  This relentlessness allows him to get carried away and he often times finds himself being out of control in the open field which causes busted coverages and missed tackles.

What I personally like about this kid is his passion and the leadership ability he showed while being in Stanford.  He plays every down like it’s his last and these are the intangibles that can’t be coached or taught.  His knee injuries should be a cause for concern and if he does make it on this or any NFL roster. Will he be one of those guys who fade away after a couple of years?

Even though his motor is one that keeps going and going, how will he and his body react against bigger and more athletic guys in the NFL?  He is also lacking in speed which would hurt his chances to make the special teams squad but I’m sure that won’t deter Skov.

I’m sure Skov had other teams that were interested but he chose to stay home and chose to sign with a team that has a linebacking corps filled with pro-bowlers.  Whether this was a right move or not remains to be seen, but what I can say is that Skov will come in and play with a huge chip on his shoulder and will show just how much he loves the sport of football through his hard and physical play.

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