New York Jets camp: Why Kenrick Ellis might not make the team

It’s always intriguing to see which veterans are cut from their teams during preseason each year. For the New York Jets, Stephen Hill is a name that has been bandied about as a potential lame duck this year. After his first career game, Hill has been very unimpressive, and he has more competition at the position to deal with this year. But another young veteran player Jet fans might see get cut is nose tackle Kenrick Ellis.Kenrick Ellis

Ellis was the Jets’ third-round draft pick out of Hampton University in 2011, the same draft in which they picked up defensive end Muhammad Wilkerson in the first round. Wilkerson has become one of the premier young linemen in the league, but Ellis has not caught fire the same way. Damon Harrison won the starting nose tackle job from him last year, and Leger Douzable stepped up as an important contributor in the D-line rotation as well.

While I said Ellis would make the team in my 53-man roster projections from two weeks ago, I can also see a world where the Jets part ways with him. Don’t get me wrong – Ellis is a good player. Pro Football Focus named Ellis the Jets’ “Secret Superstar,” almost solely for his “run stop percentage” of 14.9 percent, the best at that position. That’s a nice stat, but I think it represents more of the Jets’ unit as a whole, which specialized in stuffing the run. (Damon Harrison’s run stop percentage of 13.2 percent was second place for defensive tackles, after all.) Meanwhile, Douzable and Harrison had 1.5 sacks and one sack in 2013, respectively, while Ellis has not recorded a sack in his entire career. Though nose tackle isn’t a sack-happy position, Ellis is clearly not as fit for passing downs as Douzable and Harrison are.

So why can’t we keep all three of them on the roster like we did last year? you ask. The team certainly can. I only wonder that, with the instability at cornerback and with Rex Ryan’s love for the position, the team might try to keep their options open by having as many as eight corners on the roster (rather than the seven I allotted for the unit two weeks ago). They would have to trim down a different unit to make roster space for an eighth corner, and having three nose tackles really is a luxury.

Kenrick Ellis may not exactly be fighting for his job this summer, but the Jets could end up being better off without him.

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  • Jeff

    Mr. Zielonka, what you’ve just written is one of the most insanely idiotic
    things I have ever read. At no point in your rambling, incoherent
    response were you even close to anything that could be considered a
    rational thought. Everyone in this page is now dumber for having read it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your

  • Mark P

    Is this a joke? I had to check the date and make sure it is not April first. Is isportsweb an onion like website for sports?

  • Seriously?

    How do they let you write and publish this? There’s no chance, outside of a major injury, they would cut a young, cheap d-lineman like Ellis.

  • Vinny Cammarato

    No way. He is legit starting NT, he go wally pipped by Harrison but you dont let him go. If thaty was your thought he had value for a trade. YOu could get a 5th or maybe even a 4 for him in next years draft to a team thin at interior D line.

  • meangreen

    You think that the Jets are going to keep 8 CB’s when every
    other year they have kept 5-6? You are out of your mind. Why would you EVER
    release a promising defensive lineman who is making league minimum? You want to
    gloss over his “run stop percentage” by “thinking” it’s a byproduct
    of Jets as a whole, well why then does every Jets DL player not rank in the top
    5 or top 10 in this category? And apparently he is not a fit on passing downs
    because he has 0 sacks and Harrison has 1, please stop and try to process how
    dumb that reasoning is. Also, I believe Douzable plays a 5-tech, he’s not even
    a NT. Clearly you have absolutely NO idea what you are talking about.

  • JDB

    Adam, you are an example why some people should be banned from the internet. Are you on heroin?

    Cut Ellis?!! There is NO scenario where he gets cut. D-Line depth is so hard to find. If they were to even contemplate moving him they would trade him and get a nice return for him. I can think of at LEAST 3 teams that would take him in a second. Tennessee, Philadelphia, New Orleans. But that is pointless… BECAUSE HE ISN’T GETTING CUT!!!

    Congratulations on being another internet troll. You actually got a response out of me.

  • a57se

    Do you even watch the D’line play or follow the Jets on a regular basis?

  • Iain Bartholomew

    I find it hard to see a scenario where Ellis is not on the roster. The idea that Harrison’s 1 sack in 16 games makes him a clearly superior pass defender is a massive stretch. Ellis is a very good player and the risk with him is not that he doesn’t make the team but that we can’t extend him after this year with Harrison taking away reps and starter jobs available on other teams.