F1 Fastpass: Lewis Hamilton

“I get energy from doing what I love doing.” – Lewis Hamilton, F1 Champion

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Lewis Hamilton, #44

Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton

F1 Champion Lewis Hamilton

Current team

  • Mercedes (2 years)
  • Current teammate is Nico Rosberg

F1 Career Highlights

  • 8 year veteran
  • His 26 wins ranks 8th all time in Formula 1
  • Finished 2nd in his rookie season
  • 2008 Formula 1 Champion with McLaren
  • At 23, Lewis became the youngest F1 Champion ever
  • 59 career F1 podiums
  • 25 pole positions won
  • 1st black driver champion in Formula 1
  • Is the only current champion to still be seeking his first Constructors (team) championship
  • Former teammate Jenson Button points out Lewis is skilled not only on the track, but in the games of the mind

Website / Twitter

http://www.lewishamilton.com  twitter:  @lewishamilton

F1 Schedule 2014 and Results


Mercedes Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton chases his 2nd F1 Championship

Il Phenomeno (The Phenomenon), The Boss, Billion Dollar Man, Jumbo


January 7th, 1985, Stevenage, Hertfordshire, England



Currently resides in…

Monte Carlo, Monaco


  • Hamilton is a devout Christian that believes his faith has made him who he is today.
  • Hobbies include playing the guitar, music in general, and cross training.
  • Had a high profile, on-again / off-again long term relationship with American girl band Pussycat Doll star Nicole Scherzinger from 2007 to 2013.
  • Madame Tussauds has a waxwork of Hamilton in his McLaren racing suit (he won the championship with McLaren).


“When I think about greatness, I just think Ayrton Senna.  He was great.”

“I don’t aspire to be like other drivers.  I try to be unique in my own way.”

“I love it in the states.  The roads are big, the food is big.  If it was possible to be in L.A. and still live my racing life, I’d move now.”

“You just need to be accepted for who you are and proud of who you are, and that’s what I’m trying to do.”

“I get energy from doing what I love doing.”

Path to F1

  • Hamilton had a meteoric rise to F1 and the F1 championship
  • Formula 3 Euro Series (1st in 2005, 5th in 2004)
  • GP2 Series (1st in 2006)
  • Finished 2nd in the Drivers championship in his rookie season before taking the championship in his second year.

Hamilton’s impact on the sport and beyond

Lewis Hamilton quickly became a transcendent figure in Formula 1 and the larger sports community for many reasons.  His meteoric rise through the Euro Series, GP2, and the F1 grid to the championship made him the youngest champion at the time (record since broken by Sebastian Vettel).  As the first black driver in an international circuit, the first F1 champion, and the first black driver to win at Indy, Hamilton has broken barriers and blazed trails for many.   While his personality, style, and off-track life have given him celebrity status beyond racing, his accomplishments in the sport are what define his drive and legacy.   Although he has been a lightning rod for criticism and penalties, Hamilton has become a fan favorite, a champion, and a perennial contender.

Current Formula 1 results and standings for Lewis Hamilton

Could Hamilton win his second drivers title in 2014?   Or will he have to settle for his first Constructors Cup?

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