New York Giants: Why James Brewer should be nervous

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OTAs are in their final week, mandatory mini camp will begin shortly after, training camp will commence July 21, and so it’s safe to say that the New York Giants offseason training is moving along and showing great results. The rookies are settling in and Eli Manning has said that he believes he is at 100 percent and can get back to playing at his fullest potential immediately.

We have recently been focusing all of our attention on the rookies striving to make the 53-man roster but haven’t even begun to look at the veterans. This year’s rookies are giving the vets a run for their money so the pressure’s high for the ones who lie on the cusp of being cut. There are numerous men that make me question if they’ll make the team but today I’m going to hone in on one, James Brewer.

Number 73, James Brewer is an offensive tackle for the Giants. He was drafted fourth round in 2011 and has had four years NFL experience. He’s enormous at 6-6, 330 pounds.

When he was first drafted the Giants reveled at his size and thought of him as a force to be reckoned with. However, with the addition of other men his size, he isn’t looked at as much of an asset anymore. With the focus on correcting the failing offensive line the team has brought on many other players that can hold down the o-line better then Brewer. Geoff Schwartz, John Jerry, Charles Brown, J.D Walton; the list goes on and on with other people who can take on his role. Brewer, the once eight game starter last year has found himself out of the starting lane and would most likely be a backup if he weren’t cut before then. The rookies are coming for his position so he needs to put in some major effort to save himself.

New York Giants

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Brewer would be an easy cut because of his salary. He is currently on his final year of his four-year contract worth $2,477,092. He is guaranteed $432,092, and in the grand scheme of things isn’t worth that much to the team. They cannot count on him for anything and was kind of disappointing last season. Personally, I think Brewer has run his course. Even when you Google the guy nothing notable pops up, search his teammates and you’ll get a slew of news and feedback.

There are 53 spots on the team and the new blood is coming for them. The Giants have built a pretty strong offensive line to combat the terrible pressure Manning faced last year. Brewer was a large part of that system and to see him go wouldn’t be a bad thing. They took him from offensive tackle and put him at guard because of how poorly the group was doing. He wasn’t the only reason the line failed but he definitely took part in it.

Brewer still has time to pull himself together and show them that he can really work but in the meantime his position on the team in not guaranteed and he should really get moving in the mini camp coming up.