UFC: Immortal combat the rise of Matt Brown


Matt Brown

With a moniker like The Immortal, one must to come to the conclusion that the subject at hand is unbeatable, never ending or not subject to death. For the past few years Matt Brown has lived up to the name, and some. In fact, Brown has accumulated an impressive seven fight win streak, taking his opponents best shots, like debilitating liver kicks from his last challenger Erik Silva, and still coming out the victor. Oh, and did I forget to mention six of those wins were by KO or TKO. Brown has looked phenomenal over the course of the last three years but life was not always KO’s and fight bonuses for the Immortal one.

Before Brown’s impressive win streak that is only matched by the likes of Jon Jones, Chris Weidman and Renan Barao, who are all champions, Brown was a journey man in the sport of mixed martial arts. Brown fought for twelve different promotions, in six different states before ever getting his crack at the biggest promotion of them all, the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Brown’s record was forgettable. From 2005 to 2008, when Brown was fighting for a hodgepodge of promotions, he accumulated a mediocre record of 7-6 that included being submitted five out of the six losses. Brown was all heart and determination, balls and guts, but grit can only take a man so far.

In 2008 Brown was added to the roster for The Ultimate Fighter, the UFC’s fighter, reality show. Though Brown was one of the more promising members in the house his stay there was not indicative of that, losing by submission in the quarter finals to Amir Sadollah. Brown would go on to win by TKO on the TUF finale but his performance was buried in the prelims, underneath a stacked main card.

In the UFC Brown would go on to lose five out of his next nine fights including three in a row by submission. Brown became a gatekeeper for the welterweight division and a fighter who needed to come to the realization that he will never be a champion and he will never succeed at the highest level.

Then, on Feburary 4, 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada, UFC 143, it all began. Just the second fight on the preliminary card, Matt Brown earns a TKO victory in the second round over Chris Cope. Though the victory went unnoticed the snowball effect and momentum that built off of that technical knockout would change Brown’s career forever.

His next battle was a grueling, back and forth, three round war with Stephen Thompson which Brown won by unanimous decision. The Immortal would immerge from the fire that night and Brown was no more. You could say it was the true turning point for him. After that fight he would go on to win his next five fights in a row including a KO win over tough, veteran fighter Mike Pyle, just 30 seconds into the first round. The Immortal began to make his presence felt.

Once a fighter that competitors clamored to take a shot at next, feeling success was just a stones throw away, now The Immortal takes them into deep waters, watching as each opponent gasp for air as he calmly, meticulously applies pressure. No longer is there a fighter named Brown who struggles to ward off unwanted guillotine chokes and arm bars, instead there is the Immortal who relishes the dangerous moments, with his back against the cage and rear naked choke just an arm underneath the chin away.

Matt “The Immortal” Brown is no longer an easy opponent whose flaws outweigh his talents. The Immortal is a beast, never dead, just dormant and has been awoken, ready to bring total devastation to the welterweight division. Whoever is next to step in the cage with Brown must realize that this is not the same Ohio kid jumping around organizations, this is The Immortal, prepared to finish them.