WWE: Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose could be legendary

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Shawn Michaels vs. Bret Hart. Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. The Rock.

These are some rivalries that created the legends we cherish today, and Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose has the long term potential to be added to that list.

I know it sounds crazy because the Shield had just split up, but this past Monday on RAW we saw Ambrose tease the upcoming showdown. Roman Reigns, the third member of what was formerly known as the Shield, got on the mic and called out Randy Orton and Triple H. Ambrose called out Rollins, which hopefully sets up a match between the two youngsters in the near future.

Rollins turning on Ambrose and Reigns was one of the biggest surprises WWE fans have seen in recent memory, and surprises like that usually lead to get feuds on the mic and in the ring. Anyone who consistently watches RAW knows that Ambrose and Rollins are very much capable of that.

Now, comparing Rollins and Ambrose to the likes of Michaels and Hart right now is a major stretch, but I’m not saying this current feud will be of legendary stature, I’m saying  a rivalry that lasts throughout both men’s careers could be legendary.

Michaels and Hart didn’t have just one rivalry with one great match to wrap it all up. No, they had a a rivalry where they just didn’t like each other, and their paths crossed on multiple occasions.

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That’s what made the Michaels/Hart rivalry so great. The rivalry started in the tag team division, and both men ended up breaking out as single stars. They then had a 60 minute Iron-Man match that is classified as one of the great matches WWE fans have ever seen. More great matches and story lines followed, all accumulating with the infamous Montreal Screw job.

That is the kind of rivalry I hope Ambrose and Rollins will have. It starts with a match at either Money in the Bank or Summerslam, and continues for years and years.

Michaels and Hart both shared three similar characteristics: great mic work, great in-ring work with an exciting style of wrestling, and a love and passion for wrestling. Ambrose and Rollins both, from what I’ve seen from the two so far, also have all three of these things. They also now have a hatred for each other, which could only lead to more great things.

Anyone who watched the video of Ambrose’s promo I posted earlier can tell how great Ambrose is on the mic. Later that evening, Rollins came out and delivered a stellar promo as well. This shows that when these guys get time on the mic, they can produce greatness.

Not only that, but they have shown time and time again that every time they step into a ring they put on the best show they can put on. Don’t believe me? Go to youtube and type in “The Shield vs” and click any of the options they give. I can’t remember one match  both men have been in that had a boring finish.

It’s tough to compare anything to Michaels vs. Hart, but if the WWE books these two men the right way, we could be watching the birth of an all time classic rivalry.

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