F1 Fastpass: Sebastian Vettel

Vettel is fourth all-time

Red Bull driver Sebastian Vettel

“You can’t change what happened.  But you can still change what will happen.” – Sebastian Vettel, 4 time F1 Champion

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Sebastian Vettel, #1

Current team

F1 Career Highlights

  • Rookie of the year at the annual Autosport Awards in 2008
  • At 19, the youngest driver to score an F1 point (since broken by Daniil Kvyat, 2014)
  • Finished 2nd in his rookie season as the youngest runner-up in F1 history
  • At 23, Vettel became the youngest driver to ever win the drivers championship (unseating Lewis Hamilton)
  • 4 time Formula 1 Champion (2010-2013).  Only 3 other drivers have won 4 or more:  Alain Prost (4), Michael Schumacher (7), and Juan Manuel Fangio (5)
  • Won 4 straight Constructors’ Championships with teammate Mark Webber
  • His 39 wins ranks 4th all time
  • Is the youngest, double, triple, and quadruple champion in F1 history
  • In 2013, set the record for most wins (13), most points (397), and most consecutive wins (9) in a single season
  • 64 career F1 podiums
  • 45 pole positions won


Vettels ride

Vettel and Red Bull – Renault have delivered 4 championships


F1 Schedule 2014 and Results


Seb, Super Seb, Baby Schumacher

Birthplace / Date

Heppenheim, Germany, March 7, 1987



Currently resides in…

Thurgovia, Switzerland.


  • Vettel’s three hero’s as a child of the three Michael’s:  Michael Jordan, Michael Jackson, and Michael Schumacher.
  • Is a fan of the Beatles and Monty Python.
  • Is exceptionally private about personal matters, particularly family.  He answers questions regarding the topic with “private is private.
  • Vettel is well known for giving his car a name each year.   So far, he’s named them:  Julie (2008), Kate and Kate’s dirty sister (2009),  Luscious Liz and Randy Mandy (2010), Kinky Kylie (2011), Abbie (2012), Hungry Heidi (2013), and Suzie (2014).


“Sometimes you have to press pause to let everything sink in.”

champion vettel

Quadruple F1 champion, Sebastian Vettel

“You can’t change what happened.  But you can still change what will happen.”

“The moment money becomes your motivation, you’re not as good as someone who is stimulated by passion and internal will.”

“Having a good relationship with my family is the most expensive thing I own.”

“I put everything I had in that last lap.  It was very emotional when I crossed the line.  I gave everything I had.”

Vettels impact on the sport and beyond

After finishing second and winning rookie of the year, Sebastian Vettel has dominated Formula 1 racing.  He proceeded to win the next five drivers championships and made Red Bull Racing one of the most recognizable brands in sports.  In his most recent campaign (2013) Vettel finished the season with a record setting nine straight victories.  Needless to say, he has rapidly placed his name among the greats in the history of the sport.  Exceptionally competitive and notoriously private, Seb has been a polarizing figure to fans.  Often times, he has drawn “boos” after a victory to the dismay of organizers and fans of greatness.  He has risen above the negativity as quickly as he has become the 4th winningest driver of all time.  As Adrian Newey has said, “he has a much older pair of shoulders than is apparent.”

Current Formula 1 results and standings for Sebastian Vettel

Can Vettel keep the streak alive?

Horner on Vettel

“He obviously has phenomenal natural ability and great intelligence behind the wheel.” 


Constructors Cup Champions

Constructors Champions Webber, Vettel, Horner, and Newey

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