North American LCS: Week four predictions

As the work week winds down, it’s time to look forward to the weekend and take a look at the North American LCS match-ups to come. I meant to do an overview of Fantasy LCS this week before now, but I ran out of time before the rosters locked this morning. Sorry about that. Before we can look forward, we need to look over some of the action from the last weeks. You can look at my recaps from the first three weeks here: week one, week two, and week three.

When it comes to making predictions, this split has been a lot crazier than in the spring. The favorites seem more vulnerable, the stable teams more unstable and inconsistent, and it’s more exciting to watch now. In the week three link above, you can see how I think the teams are playing right now, but that doesn’t mean that’s the team that will show up this week as both LMQ and Cloud 9 have proved me wrong about every week.

Here are my week four predictions for the NA LCS.


cloud 9 hyperx

Cloud 9 HyperX

Team SoloMid (4-4) vs Cloud 9 HyperX (5-3), 3 PM EST

The two top teams in North America over the last two seasons, TSM and Cloud 9 have both had their struggles this split. Based on what I’ve seen, I still feel Cloud 9 has the upper hand. They may have been underestimating other teams, but they’ve shown up strong in the games against their old rivals TSM and CLG. Cloud 9 wins this one.

Evil Geniuses (2-6) vs LMQ (6-2), approx. 4 PM EST

Evil Geniuses has been able to win some games against teams that are better than them, and have had some solid play from their newer AD carry Altec. They could sneak another one in here, but I think LMQ won’t have another week like week two where they slipped and dropped both games. LMQ gets the win here.

team dignitas

Team Dignitas

Team Dignitas (6-2) vs Curse (2-6), approx. 5 PM EST

I can’t seem to win when picking Curse games, especially if I pick them to upset. They seem to play every game close, but more often than not they drop them and lose late. This one it is at least easier to pick their opponent, as Dignitas has hardly struggled this split and should continue their dominant ways. Dignitas on top and wins.

Counter Logic Gaming (5-3) vs compLexity (2-6), approx. 6 PM EST

CLG has had as interesting of a split as Cloud 9 has, except CLG hasn’t been losing to the teams they’re better than. They tend to win when they should and lose when they should, so they’ll win this game. I’ll be looking to see if Link can get on track in the mid lane and start playing more consistently.




Curse (2-6) vs LMQ (6-2), 3 PM EST

Like I said before, I’ve lost some faith in picking Curse and I don’t think LMQ will suffer like they did week two. Even if Curse almost beat LMQ the first time they met. I expect a big game from XiaoWeiXiao in the mid lane against Voyboy, and LMQ wins this one.

compLexity (2-6) vs Team SoloMid (5-3), approx. 4 PM EST

TSM will have another week that they split like in week three. They have the talent to beat everyone, but they haven’t put it together yet at all. They’ll manage to still get it done in this game, and I see both Bjergsen in the mid lane and Amazing in the jungle getting it done.

Counter Logic Gamin

Link, Counter Logic Gaming

Counter Logic Gaming (5-3) vs Evil Geniuses (2-6), approx. 5 PM EST

I don’t think CLG will lose this one, but it all depends on how Link plays. He’s one of the best mid laners in North America, but he hasn’t been looking like it this summer. If he struggles, Snoopeh can keep him down by ganking from the jungle and EG has a chance to win. I thin CLG gets it done, however.

Cloud 9 Hyper X (5-3) vs Team Dignitas (6-2), approx. 6 PM EST

Cloud 9 could win this one, especially as they have played all the top teams (TSM, LMQ, and CLG) very well with their game plans against them. The only one they weren’t able to beat so far? Team Dignitas. Look for DIG to get this one, and I expect Imaqtpie to overwhelm Sneaky in the bottom lane AD carry match-up.

Games start this Saturday at 3 PM EST. Yes, the World Cup is starting as I type, but if your country isn’t playing there’s plenty of action in the North American LCS to watch.