Denver Nuggets: next steps for Ty Lawson

Ty Lawson is a household name in the Mile High city, as he headlines the Denver Nuggets, but his name is not one that people outside the state of Colorado think of when they think of great players. He’s one that puts up great stats but is still a name that flies under the radar. In his sixth year in the NBA, Lawson is just a few steps away from being regarded as one of the best point guards in the game.

Limping into the off-season, Denver Nuggets need to heal

This last year was the season for Lawson to blossom, which he did. He set career highs in scoring and assists last season scoring denver17.6 points per game and 8.8 assists. He stepped up and showed that he can be a leader of the team, but other factors held him back from being the best that he could have been. One of which was the injuries to his teammates, as well as himself. Danilo Galinarri was out all year, as well as Javale McGee, two weapons that would have helped out Lawson’s assist total. Lawson also only started 62 games, and he missed the last 5 with an ankle injury that’s still bothering him. He should be good for next year, where he can hopefully improve on his numbers with the help from his┬áteammates returning from injury.

The Nuggets play in one of the strongest divisions as far as point guards are concerned, which is a great way to compare how good Lawson really is. The Oklahoma City Thunder have Russell Westbrook, the freakishly athletic scorer who gives teams nightmares
when paired with Kevin Durant. The Portland Trailblazers have Damien Lillard, who is Mr. Clutch, the Minnesota Timberwolves have Ricky Rubio, and then the Utah Jazz have Trey Burke. Lawson has the speed to guard these guys, is one of the fastest, and has the shot to compete with the best of these guys. The thing that sets these guys apart are their teammates. I believe if Lawson was on the Thunder he would have the notoriety that Westbrook does, thanks to Kevin Durant, but since he doesn’t have that much help to take the focus of a defense off of him, Lawson is stuck in the shadows of NBA point guards.

So whats going to make Ty Lawson have a breakout year next year? First he needs to get healthy, getting that ankle to the point where it no longer bothers him and where he can play at his full ability. The next will be the rest of his team getting healthy. With Galo and Mcgee out, Lawson was able to develop as the leader of the team as well as increasing his stats from his previous seasons. With this new leadership, and the return of these two players, he should be able to be an all star next season. The last thing and main thing that will help Lawson is when the team starts to win. The Nuggets were a good team marred by injury last year, they’ll be able to make the playoffs next year.