F1 Fastpass: Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso

F1 Champion Fernando Alonso – the all time leader in championship points

“…I thought I would be a go-kart mechanic – not an F1 driver…” – Fernando Alonso, 2 time F1 Champion

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Fernando Alonso, #14

Current team

  • Ferrari
  • Current teammate is Kimi Raikkonen

Ferrari’s explosive dream team – #Kimando

F1 Career Highlights

  • Started racing Kart at age 3
  • 2 time F1 world drivers champion (2005, 2006)
  • His 32 wins ranks 5th all time in Formula 1
  • His 1675 points ranks 1st all time
  • At 24, Alonso became the youngest F1 Champion ever (record since broken by Lewis Hamilton, then Sebastian Vettel)
  • 96 career F1 podiums (3rd all time behind Schumacher and Prost)
  • 22 pole positions won
  • Unicef Ambassador (http://www.unicef.org/immunization/india_60350.html)unicef-logo1
  • Fans celebrate “Alonsomania” worldwide



twitter: @aol_official

F1 Schedule 2014 and Results

El Nano

Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso


El Nano

Birthplace, Date

Oviedo, Spain, July 29, 1981



Currently resides in…

Oviedo, Spain.  Alonso is one of the few F1 drivers that lives at home, passing on millions of dollars of tax benefits (many live in Switzerland or Monte Carlo).


  • His mother worked in a department store; his father was a mechanic in an explosives factory.


    Alonso’s homeland

  • Road bicycle racing enthusiast.  Would love to compete in the Tour de France.
  • Avid fan of his Real Madrid and Real Oviedo football teams.
  • Dating Russian model Dasha Kapustina.
  • Has a tattoo of an ancient Samurai on his back.


“I look at myself as someone who has been very lucky.  My job is also what I enjoy doing most in the world and I can make my life doing it.”

“It was always a dream to win the Formula One championship.  It’s the maximum that I’ve achieved in my life.”

“For me it was not destiny to make it where I am now.  I thought for a long time I would become a go-kart mechanic or a job like this – not an F1 driver.”

“I have to do the maximum, and I cannot ask anymore from myself.”

“I knew we would be strongest at the end of the race.”

“I didn’t think anything could equal winning the drivers championship.   But seeing our people celebrating, it’s just as good.  I really am so happy today.”


Fernando Alonso, F1 Champion

Path to F1

  • Euro Open (1st)
  • International Formula 3000

Alonso and his impact on the sport and beyond

Fernando Alonso is the consummate Formula 1 driver.  The son of a mechanic, Alonso rose to became the youngest Formula 1 champion at the time in 2005 and repeated in 2006.  He has since finished 2nd in the standing 3 times and continues to be a perennial competitor for the Drivers Championship.   Alonso is currently with Ferrari and is chasing his third championship.  As a global spokesman for Unicef, Alonso recognizes that his responsibilities as a role model for the F1 community, his homeland of Spain, and the sport.  He is a drivers’ driver, recognized for his talent, consistency, drive, and competitive spirit.  Sparking “Alonsomania” in his homeland, Fernando finds his fans celebrations to be as rewarding as his wins on the circuit.

Fernando Alonso


Current Formula 1 results and standings for Fernando Alonso

Can Alonso add to his achievements and claim a third title?

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