Pekerman put Colombia back on the map: Can they find their way without Radamel Falcao Garcia?

The world is now aware of what has been hidden in Colombia for years, the true talent that wasn’t able to shine since 1998. With a coach that was able to bring a different approach in order to remind the team that they are truly gifted, along with crucial players like Falcao, James, and Yepes, Colombia has surfaced to be one of the most feared teams in South America and even the world.

The Argentinean coach, Jose Pekerman has not only revolutionized the way this team plays, but has also put Colombia in the place where it belongs, as one of the top teams in the world.

Falcao Garcia has become on of the world’s best strikers, over that years he has developed no only as a player but also as a great leader, in and out of the pitch. Falcao has become a symbol for the national team, and for the country, he has represented the country rightfully and all over the world. Players like this don’t come along everyday, he posses the ability to solve any situation in the pitch, he has great aerial skills, he can shoot like the best, and more importantly he is always in a position to score, he is one of those players who are great at everything.

His absence in the world cup was shocking but understood, since he wasn’t 100 percent to play, but this meant a big hole and problem for Colombia who have counted on him as their star player. There are various negative views about his absence, Falcao is irreplaceable, but it isn’t over for this skilled team, Carlos Bacca has risen and has shown great potential in La Liga, Jackson Martinez has become a crucial player in Porto and is wanted by the best teams in Europe, Teo Gutierrez has been Falcao’s go-to man and now he must step up as a leader for the Attack.


Colombia’s Alternative strikers

One positive view for Falcao being out of the team, if you can call it positive, is the fact that although he was a huge part of the puzzle, he doesn’t play in a position that can be affected by the lack of his presence. The team will not fall apart, the main idea and style of play will prevail, and Colombia will still be victorious. Even though Falcao can be replaced by any other great strikers that Colombia possesses, they will never have the weight of Falcao’s presence.

Players to watch

James Rodriguez: Crucial in the midfield of Colombia, could eventually become one of the best attacking midfielders in the world.

Ever Balanta: Recent call-up, showed his power and heart, together with his surprising leadership skills, is Colombia’s future in the back.

Juan Quintero: Another youngster with an amazing vision, who can pass the ball just like the best ones, can potentially form an amazing partnership with James.

Carlos Carbonero: The most surprising call-up, last minute call-up as well, his power combined with his skills can be crucial for high intensity games, strength is his virtue on the right midfield.

Colombia’s outcome

Colombia is coming in the World Cup at a top shape and they will surprise a lot of teams, the world will probably get to see the best team that Colombia has ever had, go further than they ever did.