Seattle Seahawks: Why Tarvaris Jackson should be nervous

Currently the Seattle Seahawks have five quarterbacks: Russell Wilson, Tarvaris Jackson, B.J. Daniels, Terrelle Pryor and Keith Price. As training camp goes on throughout the summer, the coaches will need to make difficult decisions to cut the 90-man roster to 53. Jackson may be one of the players who gets cut.

Tarvaris Jackson

Jackson was the 64th overall pick by the Minnesota Vikings in the 2006 draft. He signed with Seattle as a restricted free agent in 2011 and became the starting quarterback. In his first season with the Seahawks he set career highs in completions (271), attempts (450), yards (3,091), and touchdowns (14). He missed one game after straining a pectoral muscle in his throwing arm. The Seahawks ended the season with a 7-9 record.

In 2012, Jackson was traded to the Buffalo Bills, but resigned with the Seahawks for a one year deal less than a year later. Since then, he has been the backup for Wilson where he has proven he can step up when necessary. Last season he played in four games and completed 10 passes out of 13 for 151 yards. He even got a few snaps in the Super Bowl.

Tarvaris Jackson

The 31-year-old veteran signed with the Seahawks for the third time in March with another one year deal. His new contract is $1.25 million with $750,000 available in incentives. Seattle signed Jackson, for insurance, in case they did not sign a quarterback in the rookie class.

Even though Jackson is seven years younger than Peyton Manning, currently the oldest quarterback in the NFL, his career could be over. The Seahawks brought in former Oakland Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor. Seattle gave the Raiders their seventh round pick in exchange for Pryor. They also signed undrafted and fan-favorite local Keith Price.

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Pryor completed 57.4 percent of his passes last season in Oakland. He had 1,798 yards and seven touchdowns in the 11 games he played. General Manager John Schneider said the 24-year-old is explosive. Wilson agrees. He has mentioned that he sees great things in Pryor. Pryor’s contract with Seattle is $2.75 million with $586,086 guaranteed for four years.

I believe Pryor will win the second-string quarterback job. He is a young player who is eager to learn. With Wilson as a mentor, Pryor should be able to fix his biggest problem: turning the ball over.

Keith Price

As for Keith Price, I believe he will be the third string quarterback. Last season at the University of Washington he had 21 passing touchdowns, five rushing touchdowns, and a passing completion rate of 66 percent. During his pro day, he completed 43 of 46 throws, including one to Kevin Smith for 65 yards.

Jackson has been a great backup for Wilson. Unfortunately for him, the time has come when young quarterbacks are eager to play for the Seattle Seahawks. The biggest issue for him is his age. The Seahawks have salary cap restrictions and do not need to carry five quarterbacks on their 53-man roster. It seems like it is time for the Seahawks to develop younger players such as Pryor and Price who do not have as high of a salary as Jackson.

  • SeaHawksRocks

    I just wish the seahawks could clone Russell Wilson and then have him 1st, 2nd and 3rd string.

  • Brent Ames

    One other thing I forgot to mention, is Jackson’s $1.25M salary this season is fully guaranteed, so that’s all “dead money” on this year’s salary cap if he’s cut; whereas Pryor has no guaranteed money on his contract (as previously stated).

  • Brent Ames

    While Jackson definitely has some competition for the backup QB spot, and Pryor has some potentially major upside, outside of that, I think your assessment is completely wrong. By the way, Pryor signed a one year contract with no guaranteed salary when he got traded to Seattle:
    What Jackson has that NONE of the others have (including Wilson), is the most experience in Darrell Bevell’s system. I assume you know he’s the Seahawks Offensive Coordinator. What a team like Seattle needs from the backup QB position is a competent, experienced player who can come in (without taking starter reps in practice) and win some games in the event that Russell Wilson gets injured. Since Seattle has Super Bowl aspirations, what they don’t need as their #2 QB is a “project” with upside, since they’re not trying to permanently replace Wilson.
    The only way Pryor makes the Seahawks roster is if they carry 3 QBs, and frankly, that’s a waste of two roster spots on players that shouldn’t ever see the field. Therefore, they will carry two QBs on the active roster and one of Price or Daniels on the practice squad (which is where you really want to place your “developmental projects”). Pryor will either end up getting traded or cut.

    • CIB04

      Seattle should drop Tjack and Pryor as they are both filling needed roster spots for other positions and neither should have the reins of the starting offense. Tjack and pryor both love to throw picks and fumble quite a bit, not to mention the clutch play they both lack. The Bevell system if you could call it that, is kind of a joke. He loves to run, run, short pass, then punt. His run first old school style would not fly if the Seahawks defense was not so amazing. The hawks have good WR’s and a great QB in Russ, if bevell could see that and allow the O’ to spread the ball around I think they would be getting as much hype as the defense. Get rid of Tjack and pryor and fill their spots with O’ line guys who can pass block

  • Austin Martinez

    He will be traded