VCU Basketball: Why Shaka and David Cason were made to work together

As Mike Rhoades departs from VCU, fans can get excited about why Shaka and Cason were made to work together. David Cason will be the newest member of Shaka Smart’s coaching staff. Although he will be new he brings old styles of play, ones that the Rams live and breathe by.

VCU fans know Shaka’s style, full-court pressure, fast pace, Havoc. Shaka recruits players who fit his style and who he knows will play well with the team he’s built. It looks as though Shaka has done it again, but with a coach this time.

Coach Shaka Smart with his team. (Photo Credit: Patrick Wood)

Coach Shaka Smart with his team. (Photo Credit: Patrick Wood)

David Cason’s main responsibilities at Vanderbilt University included scouting and recruiting. Shaka has proven his talent with recruiting already as VCU’s 2014 recruit class is the No. 14 class. Cason has recruited top players for teams in the past. When these two come together and scout, fans will certainly not be let down by the talent on the court. As for training the team Shaka has right now, Cason’s eye for players will obviously be appreciated. His ability to pick out strengths and weaknesses in players will enable him to come in with a fresh pair of eyes to see the Rams. Cason will have the chance to work with the team Shaka has built in a way to bring out all talents so these players are playing to their full potential.

VCU's newest addition to their coaching staff, assistant coach David Cason (Photo Credit: Patrick Wood)

VCU’s newest addition to their coaching staff, assistant coach David Cason (Photo Credit: Patrick Wood)

When it comes to Cason’s past, his basketball career further proves why he will be a great match with Shaka. Cason earned MVP his senior year at Illinois State. He also still holds the Redbirds’ all time record for career high assists. Cason was a high intensity, energetic player who will bring this attitude to VCU’s program. As a coach, Cason emphasizes a man-to-man, high pressure defense. Sound familiar? Cason also teaches a very quick offensive style and trains his players how to shoot and pass very quickly. Fans probably couldn’t find a closer match to Shaka’s style if they tried themselves.

Finally, Cason is a coach who pushes academics and a well rounded player. Shaka is known for his ability to create upstanding players on and off the court. With many players making the Dean’s list every semester already, Cason will be able to further shape these players in positive ways as well.

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