Detroit Pistons: Three second-round sleepers to target

There have been a plethora of players selected in the second round of the NBA Draft that have had great success in the NBA from legends like Willis Reed and Dennis Johnson to current players like Paul Milsap and Manu Ginobli.

There seems to be a handful of players each year that are drafted in the second round that make an impact for their respected clubs. The Detroit Pistons have a group of talented players on their squad but they just haven’t seemed to mesh together the way Pistons fans were hoping. Because of this they were bottom five in the league in attendance. Detroit has a strong starting five but their bench needs some transformation. Below are three potential players they can select with the #38 pick.

Markel Brown (SG, Oklahoma State)

Often overshadowed by his counterpart in the back court Marcus Smart, Markel Brown was the most athletic player for this exciting Cowboys team. The fourth year senior is going to be the most explosive player available in the second round and has improved every year at Oklahoma State.

A great assist master like Brandon Jennings would love throwing alley-oop passes to Brown, and he would provide electricity off the bench. Brown’s ball handling is a  real weakness and doesn’t allow him to take full advantage of his athletic superiority as often as he should. He will need to improve this at the next level but his quick feet and intense defense should make Pistons fans happy if they select Brown.

Thanasis Antetokounmpo (SF, Greece)

Older brother of Milwaukee Bucks first round pick Giannis Antetokounmpo, AKA the Greek Freak, Thanasis brings similar measurables as his brother.

He is fast, long, and is one sticky defender. Thanasis covers opponents like a glove and is going to be drafted as a potential defensive stopper. The Detroit Pistons gave up a lot of points last year which led to their downfall. Working Antetokounmpo off the bench to  lock down big scoring threats from the 2 or 3 position would serve very beneficial to them since they play in the same division as superstar Paul George and probably Andrew Wiggins/Jabari Parker depending on how the top of the draft turns out.

Antetokounmpo’s weakness is his offensive game. He simply can not score the ball. He has potential to develop into a slasher but needs to improve on finishing inside shots. The Pistons have struggled developing young players over the past few years but Antetokounmpo has the athletic traits and genes to change all of that.

Mitch McGary (C, Michigan)

Michigan Wolverines

Mitch McGary slam dunk

A real unknown entering this year’s draft after his recent positive test for marijuana, McGary definitely has some red flags that go along with him but has potential to make a real impact in the league.

We must not forget he is only one year removed from absolutely dominating the NCAA tournament by every stretch of the imagination. He is a real hard worker on the court and hustles on every play. McGary loves throwing his 265-pound frame around and has an outstanding standing reach that makes it easy for him to block shots. He also has exceptional lateral quickness and is a resembles a freight train when he’s running after the ball.

Detroit has two very good bigs in Greg Monroe and Andre Drummond who are the true cornerstones for the Pistons. As of now they have no one behind these big man that have the size, skill, nor heart that McGary possess. I suspect teams to fear the red flags and wouldn’t be surprised if McGary drops in the draft. Mitch McGary could provide the depth that the Pistons truley need to finally make their return to the playoffs.