North American LCS: Week four power rankings

Things are staying pretty interesting in the North American LCS, as some upsets occurred this week as well as one being squandered late in the game. Still a lot left to be determined this split, which is different from the clear ending from the spring. As for my week four predictions, I did a little better this week improving to 5-3. Here are the results, my pick italicized and the winner in bold.

Team SoloMid vs. Cloud 9

Evil Geniuses vs. LMQ

Team Dignitas vs. Curse

Counter Logic Gaming vs. compLexity

Curse vs. LMQ

compLexity vs. Team SoloMid

Counter Logic Gaming vs. Evil Geniuses

Cloud 9 vs. Team Dignitas

A solid weekend of games, as some upsets happened like Curse over LMQ, and some would even say Cloud 9 over Dignitas or TSM taking out Cloud 9 were as well. I would be one saying that, as I picked the opposite result in these three. Evil Geniuses almost beat LMQ as well, but they made some mistakes over 50 minutes into the game and LMQ surged to take the win. Not as much change this week from my week three power rankings as there was from week two to week three, but still some. Here are my week four power rankings.

team dignitas

Team Dignitas

1. Team Dignitas (7-3)

Their run at the top continues, but they got their third blemish of the split this week losing to Cloud 9. They were able to beat the defending champs in week one, but were unable to do it again. They were able to put away Curse though, and maintain their pole position this week.

2. Team SoloMid (6-4)

They sneak ahead of LMQ and CLG this week in the rankings as they were able to win both their games this week against Cloud 9 and compLexity. They’ve had the talent all split, but have just maybe started putting it together this week. Solid play from WildTurtle at AD carry, going 13/1/5 (K/D/A) against Cloud 9 and then 6/0/9 against compLexity.

Counter Logic Gaming

Aphromoo, Counter Logic Gaming

3. Counter Logic Gaming (7-3)

CLG stays put at number three despite also winning both their games, but their competition was a little easier than TSM’s as they beat compLexity and Evil Geniuses this week. Solid play this week in the bottom lane, as Doublelift racked up 17 kills and Aphromoo broke out Braum in one game and got 21 assists this week. If Link can get back into his spring split groove, watch out for CLG.

4. Cloud 9 HyperX (6-4)

No LMQ here? Nope. Cloud 9 may have lost to Team SoloMid, but they were able to take down top dog Dignitas this week. Not any real flashy statistics for them this week, but LemonNation did manage 18 assists. It seems as though after two dominant splits the rest of the league has figured them out.

5. LMQ (7-3)

Not a good showing this week for LMQ. They got lucky pulling out the win against Evil Geniuses, and then looked bad against Curse. The team managed to combine for only 7 kills this week, and managed the lowest team KDA of .75. Not good at all for the team who is currently in third place in the standings.

6. Curse (3-7)

Can’t pick with them, and can’t pick against them. Either way, they prove me wrong. Curse had a decent showing this week, as they beat LMQ (who they almost beat week one), and didn’t get dominated by Dignitas in their loss. Solid week for jungler IWillDominate, as he went 4/0/0 as Rengar against Dignitas and 1/0/14 as Elise against LMQ.

7. Evil Geniuses (2-8)

Despite no wins this week, they should have beaten LMQ and didn’t suffer too bad against CLG. They did replace their jungler Snoopeh this week, however, with Helios. Helios is a recent recruit from Najin Black Sword in Korea, and his recruitment is similar to when CLG added Seraph in the top lane.

8. compLexity (2-8)

I hate to always rag on compLexity, but I’m as baffled by how they beat Coast to get in the NA LCS as I am by their choice of capitalization in their name. At least this week they didn’t have the lowest KDA as a team, which is a title they regularly hold. I will give some praise to Westrice in the top lane, as he did manage to get as many kills as deaths (5) against CLG.

Action again continues this Thursday at 3 PM Eastern time, not the usually Saturday. This is due to the European LCS travelling to London for the week. Preview of the matches will be coming later this week as always.