New York Giants: Latest signings

With the uncertainty of Jon Beason’s recovery looming over us, the one thing that’s certain is that signings have officially been completed. The New York Giants are entering mini training camp with Jay Bromley and Terrell Manning’s contracts signed and ready to go.

Mini camp is the last stop before preseason begins July 22, so the newly signed men will be on the field practicing together for the first time. Over these couple days they might be able to figure out who should get a shot at tight end and all the other loose ends that still need to be tied up.

New York Giants

Jay Bromley

Jay Bromley was the third round pick chosen in this draft class and I can say I’m truly excited to see what he can do. The former defensive tackle at Syracuse University weighs in at 307 pounds and stands 6-foot-4 inches. Currently his size is good, however the rumor mill is saying the Giants would prefer him to range between 315 and 320.

He has the build and the power that will bring down any ball carrier that tests the middle. The three-year starter was a productive two-technique college lineman and with some NFL nurturing he’ll have the skills to continue to do the same on a higher level. He had a total of 121 tackles in his college career and 10.5 sacks in 2013. He was rated 19 out of 158 defensive tackles so I think he was a steal for the third round.

The Giants have also signed Terrell Manning’s contract this week. Manning’s signing has come as a result of Jon Beason’s injury and sideline until September.

Manning is a linebacker like Beason and was originally drafted by the Green Bay Packers in the fifth round in 2012. He then bounced around to San Diego and then found himself on the practice team. He is 6-2, 237 pounds and has only played in six games over the course of his three year NFL experience. These six games include zero starts and three tackles.

Some might be turned off to this rookie-like status but I think the Giants could do fairly well with a project and Manning could be just that. He has a vast amount of room to improve and that’s all were looking for. Manning will be added to the pool of Giants who can potentially take Beason’s spot. He’ll be practicing with the likes of Atkins Spencer,

New York Giants

Terrell Manning

Jameel McClain, Jacquain Williams, rookie Devon Kennard, and many more. The competition will be at an all time high for sure.

The Giants are all set and ready to start mini camp, which began Tuesday. They’ll use this time to determine or at least begin to figure out who will replace Jon Beason and see who will thrive at tight end. These are both serious questions and positions that need to be answered to proceed with practice for preseason.

The competition will be full blown for both of these positions so they are definitely a must watch. We’ll begin to see how Ben McAdoo’s offensive strategy will come together in the coming days and I’ll keep you up to date with the very latest. A lot should be decided very soon!