VCU Basketball: Dayton vs. VCU, player matchups to watch

Dayton looks to be VCU’s biggest competition this season. When fans watch Dayton vs. VCU, there will be a few key player matchups to watch. Dayton has most of their Elite Eight team returning. The Rams are in the same boat as the Flyers. They graduated only two players and have most of their strong team returning this season as well.

As for match-ups, the two teams are stacked with players who can cover all positions on the court. VCU’s Treveon Graham and Dayton’s Jordan Sibert will give each other a run for their money. Graham, a rising senior averaged 15.8 PPG and 7 Reb/Game last season. Sibert averaged 12.2 PPG and he is a big 3-point shooter for the Flyers. Graham has a bit of height on Sibert as he is 6-6 and Sibert is 6-4, but the speed is there for both players. These two guards know how to work the court and shoot from all over while handling the ball very well. Both Graham and Sibert are very athletic and have the talent to compete well with one another.

Treveon Graham on defense for the Rams (Photo Credit: Patrick Wood)

Treveon Graham on defense for the Rams (Photo Credit: Patrick Wood)

Mo Alie-Cox is looking to be the man to fill Reddic’s shoes. This 6-6 forward is a beast under the basket, but it will be tough for him when playing against Dayton’s Dyshawn Pierre. Pierre is very talented under the rim. This forward can dunk all while shooting very accurately from inside and outside the arc. Being that Pierre is 6-6 as well, if these two get matched up, their strength will be put to the test for sure.

Finally, we come to the attention grabbing point guards. Briante Weber is one of the best defensive players in the nation as he lead in steals. Dayton’s, Vee Sanford stood in as point guard last season when Khari Price was injured. With his recent approval to transfer, Price will no longer be with the Flyers as point guard. Although Sanford is a very talented shooting guard, he very well may be running the court as point guard next season for Dayton. Being that he shoots over 50% from inside and 33% from outside the arc; Sanford has the opportunity to be a high scoring point guard. Not to forget Weber, who averaged 6.8 PPG while stealing the ball left and right. If these two are matched up, it will come down to speed.

Briante Weber in VCU game vs Northeastern

Briante Weber in VCU game vs Northeastern

VCU only plays Dayton once in the regular season and the game will be at home. Home team advantage will play a large role in the game, but VCU will surly see the Flyers again in the post season. All games against them will be challenging.

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    Vee Sanford graduated this year. Dayshon “Scoochie” Smith will be Dayton’s PG.