Detroit Tigers: Brad Ausmus’ discouraging comments

Leading up to Tuesday night’s game against the Kansas City Royals, the Detroit Tigers had yet to spend one day of the 2014 MLB season without having at least a share of the lead in the AL Central.

Now that Kansas City has taken the first three games of this series, the Tigers find themselves trailing the division-leading Royals by a game and a half.

However, Detroit’s month-long catastrophe yielded to be the topic of conversation following the Tigers’ 2-1 loss on Wednesday afternoon; that spotlight has quickly shifted to Brad Ausmus and his confusing choice of words.

During his post-game press conference, Ausmus was asked about his emotions when he returns home after his team loses, specifically during this dreadful skid.

Chuckling, the Tigers’ manager said, “I beat my wife.”

Then after a smile and a pause, he added; “I’m just kidding. Luckily, my wife and kids are fantastic. I do get a little mopey at home, but my wife and kids are good.”

It didn’t take long for the Dartmouth graduate to realize that he had made a mistake, as he offered an apology shortly after.

“I didn’t want to make lightly of battered women,” Ausmus said under his own direction. “I didn’t mean to make light of that, so I apologize for that, if I offended anyone.”

There’s no debating whether he tip-toed the lines of morality or not; his comments were clearly out of line.

So with that discussion set aside, let’s not misconceive the magnitude of this situation due to the horrendous baseball that has been played in Detroit since May 19.

And accompanying that notion, let’s not let this mistake overshadow the fact that the Tigers are 9-20 over the course of the last month.

Whether fans call it “misfortune”, or “painful”, or even “disgusting”, whatever this slump is called, don’t categorize it as “just baseball” any longer. It has been far more excruciating than that.

Detroit Tigers

Moments of excitement have been scarce over the last month in Detroit

This must be a turning point for the Tigers’ season. If this stretch doesn’t turn out to be the low-point for Detroit in 2014, then all postseason-talk can be thrown out the window.

The only way that the organization can move past this unfortunate mistake is by stringing some wins together on the baseball field.

If it hasn’t been already, the Tigers’ mental toughness as a unit will be put to the test moving forward.

If Tigers fans are still searching for this team’s remedy, look no further than Brad Ausmus. A team can only go as far as they are led.

Whether changes need to take place during preparation, in the locker room or on the field, Ausmus needs the grip the reigns of his team (which is fully capable of winning) and put them into a position where they can succeed.

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  • Happier_if_ausmus_wins

    I have heard several seasoned journalists wonder aloud if Ausmus’ press room performance is an indication of his readiness to be a baseball manager at the highest levels. It’s a fair question, and his record out of the gate, the bottom line, raises the same fair question.

    You said that this team is capable of more – amen. You said a team can only go as far as it is led – which echoes the theories of great journalists in every field.

    Happygo_1… If you have the answers to a Tigers turnaround, please forward them to Brad Ausmus.

  • happygo_1

    You can always tell how immature a sport analyst is by how he blames the manager when when things inexplicably fall apart. It can be expected of fans, but a sports writer is expected to think a little deeper than that. If you don’t know the answer to why the whole team has suddenly fallen apart at the same time, the simple solution? Just blame the manager. That’s lazy journalism.