Purdue Basketball: Matt Painter’s seat is heating up

Two words describe this upcoming season for Purdue basketball head coach Matt Painter: hot and seat.

Despite his first season, Painter has been relatively successful until the past two years. He has accumulated a 31-35 regular season record which is unacceptable in the eyes of Boilermaker fans.

Painter has to produce a winning team this year, place in the top half of the Big Ten and play well in the Big Ten Tournament to keep his job.

With the recent failure of this Purdue squad, success is the only option for Painter to stay as the Boilermakers’ head coach.

Rumors have been heard that players are frustrated and unhappy with how the past few seasons have gone. This has resulted in Ronnie Johnson transferring away from Purdue to an undecided school.

Matt Painter yells out a play call

Matt Painter yells out a play call

Painter has shown glimpses that he still has the ability to coach at a high level. He may have lost a more games than he has won, but this is a coach that will get the best out of his players. That showed in a one point loss to highly ranked Michigan last season.

The main problem for Painter has been getting his guys to work together.

When E’twuan Moore, Robbie Hummel, and Jajuan Johnson came to West Lafayette they had all played together since high school in travel basketball and had chemistry.

Painter is a good recruiter and knows exactly what he wants when it comes to recruits, he just can’t get all the players to work together and produce a solid outing resulting in victories.

The past few seasons the Johnson brothers seemed to focus on themselves and tried to be the best one man show out there and make the spectacular highlight play.

All the younger players on Painter’s squad worked well together last year with Stephens, Scott, Davis, and big man AJ Hammons. These guys are the future of this Purdue Boilermaker team.

Matt Painter pleads his case to the referee

Matt Painter pleads his case to the referee

Painter with his upcoming team of freshman that include PJ Thompson, Vince Edwards, Jacquil Taylor, Dakota Mathias, and Issac Haas look strong and poised to make a run into the Big Ten with this young but experienced team.

This recruiting class is Painters last hope to hold on to his job at his alma mater. He will have to show this year that his team is ready to play and make a splash. Then maybe, just maybe the fire under his chair will cool down.


  1. Steve says

    “Painter has to produce a winning team this year, place in the top half of the Big Ten and play well in the Big Ten Tournament to keep his job.”

    You obviously are making this up to try and sound knowledgable. This is not what Morgan Burke is quoted as saying. Sorry but you really hurt your credibility in this article.

  2. Tk says

    While Painter feels the pressure and the seat may be hot, there is no chance that he will be fired after this year regardless of the result unless there are on or off court embarrassments. He has 2-3 years minimum of goodwill built up.

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