Boston Red Sox: Offense continues to struggle despite sweep of Twins

The Boston Red Sox have scored 11 runs in their past six games, including five runs in their three game sweep of the Twins. The other three games included two 3-2 losses against the Indians and last night’s 4-2 loss to the A’s.

The pitching has clearly been there, as shown by the meager twelve runs surrendered in those same six games, but the Sox offense is leaving the pitchers out to dry. They barely eeked out a walkoff win to save John Lackey’s 9 inning, zero run performance and have been regularly losing one-run ballgames. Some thought that the back-to-back home run walkoff victory would jumpstart their offense, but that was not apparent last night.

Brock Holt aside, the Red Sox leading hitter is still Xander Bogaerts. However, he isn’t floating around .300 like he was a couple of weeks ago and has fallen down to .269. That is still, however, good enough for the batting title on the Red Sox. Three other players join him in the .260s, while the rest of the team is all under the .250 mark. To put that in perspective, the Sox have had multiple hitters batting over .300 each year since 2006. Even that year, Wily Mo Pena’s .301 average in 84 games might count in the eyes of some.

There have been flashes during the past week that suggest the offense may be coming to life, but nothing really strings itself together. David Ortiz and Mike Napoli hit the home runs to win the game Wednesday, while Dustin Pedroia homered last night. With Brock Holt as hot as he’s been, Bogaerts’ slump came at a poor time because Pedroia and Ortiz aren’t doing their job of driving runners in.

Inconsistency is the word that comes to mind when talking about the Red Sox offense. The Sox have scored over six runs just ten times this season, a feat they achieved on May 1st last year. It seems to be quite commonplace to see the Sox score 2 or 3 runs, rather than 5 or 6. After having some pitching problems at the beginning of the year, recently, the starters have been giving the team a chance to win every game, but the team still continues to try and climb back to .500.

With Felix Doubront and Clay Buchholz returning, the Sox may need a big offensive boost to stay in games. Brandon Workman and Rubby De La Rosa have been great in their time in the rotation, so the Red Sox may have a difficult decision or two to make if Doubront and Buchholz continue to struggle.

With Grady Sizemore gone, the Red Sox have begun making transactions, which we may see a few more of before the trade deadline. The big bats in the middle of the order need to step it up, but they will need a strong supporting cast as well. It wouldn’t surprise me if another roster move is made by the end of next week if the offense remains as stagnant as it has been.