New York Giants: Feeling out Ben McAdoo

New York Giants

Ben McAdoo

After all the players have been chosen and they have begun to practice we start to question who is going to be leading the New York Giants?

It’s instinctual, after we rip apart the players we have to find someone new to blame for the potential failure of the team. The players have been picked and prodded but we’ve left the newest member of the coaching staff alone. All faith has been instilled in the new offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo to reverse what happened last season with the offensive line and actually make something happen.

I really can’t rip this guy apart. As much as I want too, McAdoo is going to revive this team and it should be amazing to watch. Let’s talk about what he’s all about.

Ben McAdoo has been a coach of some sort since 2001. He started with Michigan State as special teams and offensive assistant and continued to jump around to six other teams, strengthening his work as an offensive assistant. He then found himself with the Green Bay Packers where he spent eight seasons. 2006 through 2011 he served as a tight ends coach and then 2012 to 2013 he was the quarterback coach. Now the 36-year-old has found himself as offensive coordinator for the New York Giants and he has a whole lot to do.

McAdoo has come to the New York Giants as a ray of hope. This is the first instance that he is the official offensive coordinator, he has always been the assistant but he seems direct and ready to get it done since speaking to the press after mini camp on Thursday. The vibe that was given off was that of a businessman and a straight shooter. McAdoo has every intention of taking the team as a whole to the top. It seems he’s not just about the offense, he’s all for one and one for all, which I like.

I think McAdoo’s job has to be difficult because they’re completely rebuilding and for their quarterback that might be tricky. Eli Manning has been playing the same way for ten years and has won two Super Bowls with a completely different style and coaching staff.


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Manning clearly isn’t a quitter and I don’t see him being childish and not wanting to learn a new, but it has to be hard. From what I have read McAdoo is going to be using Manning to help correct what the Giants have done before. Fix Manning and the rest will fall in line after him.

No hard feelings John Mara, it had to be done. The New York Giants would have been the laughing stock of the whole NFL if they didn’t begin to change something. McAdoo seems to know what he’s doing and things are headed in the right direction. I can’t really pick Ben McAdoo apart because he’s trying and already has a solid backing behind him. Aaron Rodgers and Mike McCarthy had nothing but great things to say about the man so I’m on board. McAdoo has his whole career behind him building him up for this head offensive coordinator situation. He knows what’s best and he’s going to make the Giants a whole lot better then they were last season.