St Louis Rams: Final offseason move that needs to be made

With OTA’s currently going on and training camp quickly approaching, NFL teams are reviewing their rosters and looking for places to improve in order to put themselves in the best position to win during the 2014 season.

The St Louis Rams have their best team on paper in recent memory with considerable talent and depth at a multitude of positions. However, there is one critical position that is lacking experience and a good amount of proven production. The Rams should look to sign another veteran wide receiver that can both solidify their receiving corps and provide a reliable option for Sam Bradford on 3rd down and goal line situations.

Right now there is open competition for basically all spots on the receiver depth chart. Chris Givens has shown signs of improvement and flashed his talent at times during the 2013 season, but is yet to score a touchdown during his time as a pro. Austin Pettis is a guy who the Rams are really looking to have a breakout season in 2014.  He had 38 catches last season with 4 touchdowns and nearly 400 yards receiving. His size at 6-3 gives him an advantage over smaller corners and has the potential to be a perennial possession receiver. Stedman Bailey is a smaller slot receiver who caught 17 balls during the 2013 season but his role will most likely be replaced by the faster and more sure-handed Tavon Austin. It might be in the best interest of the Rams to cut Bailey in order to make room for a proven veteran at the position.

Of all the free agent receivers available, I think that the Rams should sign former Super Bowl MVP Santonio Holmes. Holmes is a proven winner who knows how to produce at an extremely high level. The two main reasons he has not been signed by a team is his health and his attitude problems that might be a distraction. Holmes has a certain edge about him, depending on who you talk to.

According to Holmes’ personal trainer, Tom Shaw, Holmes is sprinting and jumping with no restrictions and his foot injury that has caused him to miss time in the past is a non-factor. Shaw also said that Holmes has grown up a lot in recent years, and believes he will be a “model teammate and citizen to whatever team he goes to”.

St. Louis Rams

Santonio Holmes

Having newly signed veteran Kenny Britt along with Holmes would provide an extreme amount of confidence and savvy that has been lacking in the Rams’ locker room in these recent dismal years. They could show younger receivers like Givens and Pettis what made them so successful when they were their age.

Having both of them on the field at the same time would allow Sam Bradford the confidence in knowing he has guys out there that have been there before and know where to position themselves in order to make that critical 3rd down catch or score. The Rams have a lot of young talent, but not a lot of guys who have played important playoff and Super Bowl games, something that Holmes has done a lot of during his time with the Steelers. What better way to bring a franchise’s offense out of the dark than to go get a guy who has immense talent and experience trying to resurrect his career?

  • Joseph Devito

    Fisher’s mistakes are becoming more and more obvious. 1. Jake Long is another injury waiting to happen. 2.Tavon Austen is only a situational player, not a number one wideout. 3. Too many undersized players (Austen,Bailey,Jenkins,Joyner,Donald). Commitment to a QB that has been ineffective for three years. 4. Failure to find a number 1 receiver. 5. If Robinson’s struggles in training camp are an omen, this draft is a bust.

  • doubleD

    I feel dumber after reading this article! You have now idea what you are talking about! Please stop writing about sporrs

    • Guest

      loving the constructive criticism lol

      • Guest

        also, please learn how to spell

    • Michael Novell

      loving the constructive criticism and valid opinion points…Also, please learn how to spell.

  • Joseph Devito

    Truth is…the Rams passing game has been poor for the last three years. An old Santonio Holmes is not the answer and passing on Watkins will prove to be a huge mistake. Biggest mistake however is…this foolhardy commitment to Bradford. He has shown pretty demonstratively that he is not the QB to move to move forward with.

    • Justin Oresik

      you sound like just some outside half assed fan. playing 6 games in division against some of the toughest lines in the NFL means you build strength and pound the ball leaving Bradford with a strong O-line and play action ability which he excels at. Bradford is good at quick pace offensive attacks which is the game plan now. And the defense does the rest. oh yea besides the fact he was 14-4 before getting hurt and was like 4-1-1 against the divisions top defenses in 2012 season. get knowledge

      • Joseph Devito

        Bradford was 14-4… in what universe? You have got to be delusional. The passing attack for the last three years under Bradford has been dismal. He has constantly ranked in the bottom half of the QB ratings. All we got last year was three and outs and stalls in the red zone. Bradford’s unspectacular play kept the defense on the field for numerous long stretches. You must be watching a different game.

        • Justin Oresik

          14 TDs and 4 picks through 6 games idiot. receivers never got open and Schotty’s routes and play calling was pathetic early on before they turned to Stacy. actually understand the game before adding your useless two cents

          • Joseph Devito

            Like I said you are delusional. Bradford was completing 4 yard passes on third and 5 all season. Even when he had time he was missing receivers. He is slow in his reads ,slow in his release and immobile. There is no doubt the Rams will be looking for a QB before the season is over. Look at the stats IDIOT. Rams were near the bottom in offensive scoring.

          • Justin Oresik

            late on his reads? wtf the receivers never got separation in that bullshit offense it was all short routes with no running game and check downs because of it. he was still throwing well and had constant dropped passes. his throws and accurate deep ball ive seen plenty of times when someone does get open. either way he was still scoring in the redzone idiot 14 in 6 games is good for a weak offense! now with a solid run game they can do both. when you run a lot you get play action pass and light coverage which bradfod can handle. again shutup and understand football

  • Joseph Devito

    Holmes is not a good idea. We don’t need another diminutive wideout and definitely not an old one. Fisher missed the boat by not selecting Watkins. And Robinson’s troubles in training camp is highlighting this misstep by Fisher. If Robinson is not the real deal, this draft might not be as good as the pundits are touting it. Especially in light of the fact they did not bring in a safety and brought in a bunch of undersized corners..Joyner is too small to play safety and was frankly a reach in the second round.

  • Daniel Gonzalez

    Tj moe should get a try next year. He has so much potential

  • isomerize

    Maybe dropping Brian quick for Holmes could be a plan, but Stedman Bailey has had so little exposure in games that its foolish to think of cutting him. Beside like everybody else has said, Bailey has shown very good hands in games which is one of his beat attributes.

  • Dennis Chandler

    Sorry Mike its a good thing business is your minor, With decisions like cutting Bailey for Holmes isn’t very smart . You get an F in business

  • Ericmunie

    Where did you get these “facts”?? Chris Givens had 3 touchdowns his rookie year, not to mention 5 back to back games with 50+ yard receptions. He did slump off last year, but that was mainly due to a slow start then Bradford going down. Tavon is definitely much quicker and more illusive (and my favorite of the group), but Bailey has the best hands on the team by far. He did not drop one pass all season while everyone else listed dropped many at the start of last season. Definitely should have had more playing time. He will be the safety valve for Bradford this season once he comes back, while Austin is the offenses “Joker. ” Pettis should be cut, especially if Brain Quick is coming on like they say he was in OTA’s. Even if he isn’t, now we have Britt, Givens, Austin, and Bailey. Complimented by Jared Cook and a nasty running game with Stacy, Mason, and Cunningham. That sounds like a pretty solid offense to me. You’ve got to give the young, talented players the time to develop as a unit, and this offense will be so dynamic no one will be able to shut us down like they have in the past.
    The unit I’m still concerned with this year is the defensive backs. The talent is definitely there, but no veteran leadership and some question marks still at free safety. Hopefully the best D-line in the NFL will make their job a little easier!

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      I agree wit u completely except for cuttin pettis. He was a beast at boise and has done plenty for the rams to be an asset again in 2014. We need him to win games next year. Not many catches but theyve all been meaningful receptions to sah the least. We need to keep them all even if thag means losing depth at other positions. Like qb and d line.

    • Joseph Devito

      We had almost the same offense last year and they were horrible. Britt has not been good for two years now and Austen is too small to be a feature receiver. The rest of the bunch is mediocre at best. A monster offense you have got to be kidding.

  • Ray Milhon

    I agree with t other postersI ou over holmes any day.

  • Jordan

    Horrible decision to cut Bailey. I see something special in him

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      Thays right jordan. Bailey is guna be a beast. Gota keep thag kid

  • Daniel Gonzalez

    Im sorry but cutting stedman bailey for a guy like holmes is not only no where near a good decision but would be a huge disappointment to fans Bailey has a4 game suspension it’s not very important he’s going to play a major role next year for the Rams he’s the most sure-handed wide out on the roster and complements tavon awesome with similar traits but opposite at the same time. Where Tavon is timid , stedman is money . Stedman Bailey is a sure pay off for the Rams if they just stick with him not Santonio Holmes