KJ McDaniels could solve LA Clippers small forward dilema


KJ McDaniels has all the tools to be a solid small forward in the NBA. (photo credit myorangeupdate.com)

KJ McDaniels has all the tools to be a solid small forward in the NBA. (photo credit myorangeupdate.com)

The NBA isn’t a point guard league. This pains me to admit, Chris Paul is my guy, and  this is the golden age of point guards in the association right now. That being said, look at the past NBA finals and a common theme arises among the champions, they all got great two way play from the small forward position. We’ve seen it with LeBron in 2012 and 2013, we saw it with Kawhi Leonard this season, and we even saw it in 2011 with Sean Marion and the Mavericks.

The Los Angeles Clippers found obscurity at the small forward position this year when they benched Jared Dudley after he started the first 41 games of the season. While Matt Barnes and Damny Granger did their best to hold down the position, if the Clippers want to be the true title contender they believe they can be a change is an order unless Danny Granger, who just declined his option for next season, resigns and miraculously turns back the clock.

With the draft less than a week away, the Clippers will be looking to find that much sought after help and therw is one guy in particular that would be the perfect fit for the Clippers. I got to watch plenty of ACC defensive player of the year KJ McDaniels this season. At 6 6′ 200 lbs KJ was the driving force behind Clemson Tigers’ expectation defying season.

While he averaged an impressive 17 points, 7 rebounds and 2 assists per contest, his best attribute is his defense and as always the Clippers need defense. McDaniels guarded defended players at every position this season and  when he wants to shut someone down, you won’t hear their name all night. He’s one of these guys who plays with a Damien Lillard esque chip on his shoulder because he feels like his hard work is under appreciated, which isn’t far from the truth. Even though he was ACC Defensive Player of the Year he is projected to go late in the first round.

Offensively, McDaniels needs to become a perimeter player. He shot just 30% from behind the arc this season but an advantage he does have offensively is his athleticism. He is very good on the dribble drive off the perimeter and plays above the rim. For the LA Clippers, they must hope that he falls in the first round because it would not be a surprise if someone selected him before the Clippers can with the 28th pick.