New York Yankees: The David Price edition

Six weeks from now is the non-waiver trading deadline and it’s time to start getting serious about making moves.

The New York Yankees need starting pitchers. Simple as that. With CC Sabathia, Ivan Nova, and Michael Pineda all on the disabled list, the Yankees have been making due with what they have and that’s really not much right now. So adding to their rotation would be smart.

They also could use a backup first baseman, since they clearly struggle in finding one when Mark Teixeira scratches due to his various ailments. Brian McCann stepped in a few times, but I think he should stick to being catcher. I’m sure a backup first baseman is not high on their list of priorities right now, just something to consider.

The Yankees have got to be on the hunt for a starting pitcher. Someone who is healthy, consistent, and will add depth to their lineup. Trade rumors speculate that they are looking at Tampa Bay Rays David Price.

Price is all the talk in the MLB trade. He is a 6’6” lefty whose current ERA is 3.93. He’s not a free agent, which makes him an even hotter commodity. His breakout season was in 2012 with the Rays, when he won the AL Cy Young Award and he was the first 20- win pitcher in Rays history.

According to ESPN’s Jim Bowden:

“Yankees owner Hal Steinbrenner has made it clear that he will provide GM Brian Cashman the resources he needs to make a blockbuster deal at the trade deadline, and the Yankees won’t be seeing the postseason if they don’t deal for another legitimate starter who doesn’t have health or decline questions.

The Yankees’ system is loaded, and though they would decline the inclusion of Dellin Betances, the Rays’ first choice, they would give up what they have to in the minor leagues to acquire Price. The Rays have a long-term need at catcher, and Gary Sanchez would be the perfect acquisition in a Price deal. Sanchez would benefit from being developed behind the Rays’ Ryan Hanigan, who did a great job influencing Devin Mesoraco in Cincinnati before his trade to Tampa Bay.”

Tampa Bay Rays

David Price

Bowden has some valid points, especially about Gary Sanchez who really won’t benefit much as a player by staying with the Yankees since Francisco Cervelli just returned from the disabled list.

Price has achieved the “SuperTwo” status, meaning he has four years of salary arbitration instead of three. So he will be pretty expensive after 2015, which is when his contract ends.The Rays will most likely ask for a whole lot for Price and I personally don’t think he will be worth it for the Yankees.

He clearly hasn’t been as good as he once was. According to his stats he’s lost about 2.5 mph on his fastball. To me, he just doesn’t seem beneficial to the Yankees in the long term and I don’t think he would be a good fit for them right now.


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