Golden State Warriors: Come on, feel the “Love”

In order to snag Kevin Love, the Golden State Warriors might have to trade Klay Thompson and David Lee to the Timberwolves. With that being said, they can either settle for gold or go all in with a platinum investment.

golden state warriors

Are the Golden State Warriors willing to give up a couple of key players for the elite level talent of Kevin Love?

In life and in basketball, people thrive off of the old adage “you have to spend money to make money” and Mr. Love is money for any team that has him on their roster. Many people applaud the sharpshooting of Thompson and Lee has become a household name for the Warriors’ fan base but if Love is a possible acquisition, those two have got to go.

It all comes down to the numbers. During the season,Love was fourth in the NBA in points per game(26.1) and third in rebounds(12.5). Not to mention, Love led the entire NBA in double-doubles with 65, which was eight more than Detroit Pistons center Andre Drummond, who was second with 57. Love also led all big men in the league in minutes with 36.3.The list goes on and on.

Although Love may be a little questionable on the defensive end, he more than makes up for it with his durability, offensive prowess and dexterity. He is the modern-day Wes Unseld with his pinpoint outlet passing ability and the big guy moves like a ballet dancer. So light on his feet!

Thompson and Lee have good numbers. Thompson’s 18.4 points per game and great on-ball defense proved to be extremely valuable for the Dubs down the stretch of the year. Lee’s 18.2 points and 9.3 rebounds per game also boosted the Warriors in many ways during the season. The fact of the matter is, they just do not provide the same star quality as Love can for the Warriors. That’s not a bad thing. They are just not as good as Love. Point blank. Love is arguably a top five player in the league, so the Warriors need to capitalize on their opportunity to land another big star to go alongside Stephen Curry.

On top of receiving Love, the Warriors could possibly pick up microwave scorer Kevin Martin from Minnesota as well.  Golden State needs to make that happen. Martin and Thompson are virtually interchangeable aside from the defense part.

There is love brewing from both sides of this deal. Minnesota gets a new start. Golden State begins the trail to a long-awaited championship. Both teams should just get those contracts written up, signed, sealed and delivered because let’s face it, everybody loves love.




  • benbrung

    It’s only a platinum investment for the Warriors if it pays off NOW. They are not rebuilding, they are one piece away from elite level. After the proposed trade they would still be one piece away with no draft picks and Martin’s contract eating a criminal amount of cap space. People point to Martin’s numbers as being a wash with Klay’s but that doesn’t change the fact that you simply can’t have Curry, Love & Martin on the floor at the same time. That defensive combo would be roughly equivalent to when The Washington General’s haplessly chased the Globetrotters around the court.

    The Warrior’s only option for picking up the remaining missing piece would be the free-agent market and it’s possible they don’t see a 2 they like who can score a little but, more importantly, has the size and quickness to support Curry by being able to defend any 1 or 2 (which is where Thompson’s greatest contribution to this team has come from).

    It’s also possible they are posturing and simply want to spend some time keeping Thompson off the table while spreading rumors about their interest in Tyson Chandler and allowing Flip to ponder the offers he’s getting from the 3 teams Love seems willing to play for. In any case, it’s good management either way. This meme about always having to give up how ever many inferior players it takes to get a superior player is simply wrong. You need to find the pieces that fit. I know I’m in the minority in rejecting the meme as evidenced by the never-ending supply of NBA GM’s who would be thrilled to clean house to make room for Carmelo . . . for about a month until they are clear-headed enough to realize what they just did.