Mexico Soccer: Time for El Tri to flex it’s muscles


Goals galore is what El Tri needs this Monday to ensure its safe passage to the round of 16. El Tri has scored just once in its last four encounters, with a crucial game against Croatia coming up it is highly important for Mexico to once again find the net.

It is more than certain that El Tri will take the game to Croatia early on in Recife, in an attempt to find an early goal to calm nerves. If El Tri does find that early goal then Recife will be Mexico’s playground.

El Tri always tends to be very smart in possesion, with a goal in its favor Mexico will hope for Croatia to open up spaces to punish them with another.

The only problem is that El Tri shouldnt fall back and rely on the thread of a goal. If El Tri were to find its goal scoring mojo, then Monday would definitely be the right time for it.

Goals bring euphoria, and for El Tri fans who have made their voices heard this summer willl only swell in support as the goals come.

Mexico needs to feed its support with what it craves, and that is the desire to scream goal!

El Tri fans already proved to play a significant role in Mexico’s first two encounters. Listening to Mexico’s anthem one would forget that El Tri was in Brazil and not in Mexico City’s Estadio Azteca. And let us not forget the harmonized echo’s of the Cielito Lindo being hissed by the jeers of thousnds of disgruntled Brazillians in Fortaleza.

Mexico’s fanbase has had a strong presence this summer, that loyal support may just be that final push El Tri needs against Croatia.

It was a long and horrid road to Brazil 2014, but El Tri made it to the big stage nonetheless. Now, it is time for El Tri to flip the script to this long turbulent story.

El Tri qualified to the World Cup like never before, now, can it progress in the tournament like never before?