Chicago Cubs rumors: Dylan Bundy edition

The Chicago Cubs continue to try and improve their farm system any way they can, whether it be via the draft or via trade. With the draft behind us already, it is via the trade that the Cubs will try to improve and one way to do so would be acquiring Baltimore Orioles pitching prospect Dylan Bundy.

Baltimore Orioles

Dylan Bundy

Bundy is a 21-year-old starting pitcher that is one of the elite prospects in the game today. He was rated the number 31 prospect in all of baseball coming into the season by Keith Law. He is the 2nd rated prospect in the Orioles organization, rated only behind Kevin Gausman who is an elite prospect himself.

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Bundy was drafted 4th overall in the 2011 amateur draft straight out of high school. Bundy was skyrocketing through the Orioles farm system including having a record of 9-3 with a 2.08 ERA in 23 starts in his 2012 minor league season. This lead to a late season call-up with the big league club in which he appeared in two games.

After the successful 2012 season, Bundy was poised to be on the Orioles’ major league roster at latest in June. That changed when Bundy suffered a partial tear of a ligament in his right elbow on June 26, 2013 that later required him to have Tommy John surgery. Bundy has since come back recently and has looked similar to the dominant pitcher he was before Tommy John surgery. In his two starts this year Bundy is 0-1 with a 0.90 ERA including 15 K in 10 IP. If the Cubs had any concerns about how Bundy would return after surgery, I think he has answered them.

Acquiring Bundy would be an absolute game changer for the Cubs. He would immediately become their top pitching prospect and is right in line with what the Cubs are looking for. They are seeking young starting pitching that can develop and grow with their young hitting prospects. Bundy fits the bill and is widely considered a sure fire bet to make a major impact on a major league roster when he is re-called.

The Cubs would be wise to ensure that Bundy is included in any deal that they make with the Orioles, especially if the deal has Jeff Samardzija heading the opposite way. Bundy is an elite prospect that would improve the Cubs both now and in the future as he is young enough to lock up for many years and have no regrets in doing so.


  • Trucker Red

    This guy is the worst writer in sports.

  • Ed Abrams

    It is absurd to think the Orioles would part with 6 years of Bundy or Gausman control for 1.5 of the NL central pitching Samardja. With all due respect to the author, this has nothing to do with the Cubs being wise. The Orioles would laugh at this for several reasons but mainly because they are not a large enough market to give up controllable long term assets for short term overrated pitchers who do not represent the final piece of the puzzle. If Samardja could be the championship piece, fine. But Orioles aren’t that close. And he ain’t the piece.

  • oriolesman232

    my name may make me seem biased, but there is no way the Orioles would give Bundy for JUST Samardija. The way Bundy has been throwing in the minors, he’s about ready to contribute at the ML level, which is going to last at least 6yrs worth of service.

  • Matthew Amy Hammock

    After it is all said and done, Bundy will be an overall better ptcher than Samardzija

  • TylerDurden

    I suspect that it would cost more than the puny Bundy to snag a blossoming Samardzija at this point.

    • Osfan1973

      It would cost a lot more than Samardzija for Bundy.

      • Desert Rose

        Cub don’t have enough talent in their organization to get Bundy

        • Bryan Craven

          Your smoking what rose? Bryant alone is worth more than Bundy

          • Desert Rose

            Not hardly but what you’re on must be real good stuff