Clemson Football: The best ACC stadium just got better

The Clemson football program is one that has been increasingly rising on the charts over the past couple of years due to growth and success with multiple seasons. Like all good programs, with growth comes expansion and renovation of facilities to ensure that the program keeps up with its competitors.

Clemson has top-notch facilities for its football team, but keeping up with the Clemson football mantra that “Best is Standard,” there is an exciting list of renovations that are currently taking place to better the experience for the players. These renovations will not only benefit the existing players, but they will also be more attractive to potential recruits. Such renovations are crucial to the continuation of success for the Clemson football program.

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“The most exciting 25 seconds in college football.”

Athlon Sports has recently named Clemson’s Memorial Stadium as the number one college football stadium in the ACC and the number seven stadium in the nation. This proves that Clemson is doing something right. Its no surprise that Memorial Stadium has won this title since the players’ entrance into the stadium is commonly referred to as “the most exciting 25 seconds in college football,” as originally stated by Brent Musburger. Clemson fans can tell you that there is something magical when the players rub Howard’s Rock and storm down the field as balloons and fireworks fill the stadium.

Although the renovations that are in the process of being completed do not affect the field itself, it is all an important part of maintaining the Clemson image and standard. The renovations are being made in the WestZone of Memorial Stadium and include the players’ lounge, the team locker room and an area for nutrition.

The players’ lounge has already been completed and the players are taking advantage of having a place to kick back and relax. The lounge features television areas, a videogame area, all types of table games like Ping-Pong and Pool, a Pac-Man machine, and a one-on-one basketball game. The lounge is fully equipped with Clemson colors and tiger paws to add to the Clemson spirit.

The nutrition area has been planned but not yet completed. This renovation will provide a convenient place for the student-athletes to refuel after tough workouts and practices. The rendering shows the area to be set up like a bar with coolers of water and ready-made healthy options to restore the players’ energy levels.

The team’s locker room is also being renovated to keep up with the standards of the team. The plan for the locker room features some state-of-the art designs that offer numerous words of encouragement and motivation. There is even a lounge area within the locker room that will contain a sectional couch and a four-panel T.V.

The renovations of the WestZone will provide an encouraging and motivating environment to an already elite program. The players already seem to be enjoying their new hangout area, and it should not be long until the other renovations take place.

In regards to the new facilities, head coach Dabo Swinney said, “We’re committed to providing our student-athletes the best of the best in every aspect of their journey at Clemson. Our facilities and player areas were already top-notch and we know these renovations will help us continue to be among the elite in college football in the years to come.”