Colorado Rockies rumors: Troy Tulowitzki edition

With the season nearing the halfway mark, MLB teams around the country are looking to either be buyers or sellers approaching the trade deadline. Although the Colorado Rockies are desperate to make a push in the second half of the season, the hot commodity on their team right now happens to be their best player and a guy that, as of now, is putting up MVP caliber numbers. That player is Troy Tulowitzki.

At the beginning of the year, there were definite whispers of Tulo leaving the Rocky Mountains for a chance to move in behind Derek Jeter for a shot at being the next great Yankee shortstop. This would be crushing. Not only is Tulowitzki the foundation of the Rockies’ lineup, but he also makes plays at shortstop that even the great Jeter couldn’t make. He is a once in a generation type player and it would send the franchise into a downward spiral if he were dealt.

Rockies fans hope Troy Tulowitzki stays for years to come

Rockies fans hope Troy Tulowitzki stays for years to come

The director of major league operations for the Colorado Rockies, Bill Geivett, recently said that the team has no plans on moving the superstar anytime soon and that he hopes Tulowitzki stays in Denver for the entirety of his career. In 2010, after already having 3 years left on a previous contract, Tulo signed a massive six-year extension worth more than $140 million. At the time, Tulo seemed sincerely excited about the deal and eager for the chance to play in one city for his entire career.

“I’m really lucky,” Tulowitzki said. “I can’t wait to be here my entire career.” Troy’s childhood idol was Cal Ripken Jr. and he always admired the fact that Cal was able to spend his entire career with the Baltimore Orioles. If Tulo has half the work ethic that Ripken did his whole career then the Rockies are in good hands for years to come. Tulo is locked up in the Rockies organization until at least 2020 barring some unforeseen circumstances.

This is a great move. Tulowitzki not only puts up massive numbers when healthy but he also does a wonderful job putting fans in the seats. Rockies fans want to come to Coors Field and see the best shortstop in baseball at his best and if that weren’t the case and #2 wasn’t in the lineup, then attendance would take a brutal hit as well.

However, if the Rockies were to trade Tulowitzki by the deadline, the team could get a large ransom for Tulo’s services. It is widely known around the league that Tulowitzki often struggles to stay healthy, but when his bat is in the lineup it gives the Rockies a chance to win on any given night. The Rockies are struggling currently to find pitchers that can stay consistent in a hitter’s park like Coors field and dangling Tulo in front of some potential buyers could have them licking their chops and sending over some very successful pitchers. This being said, there are very few pitchers in the majors right now that can make an impact quite like a healthy Troy Tulowitzki.

Despite the Rockies’ rollercoaster 2014 season, the fan base is far from conceding the year. Although Tulowitzki could bring in some major offers from around the league, to deal away your superstar foundation is simply ludicrous. Surrounded by a young core of very solid players, Tulo must be the backbone when it comes to games that truly matter in August and September. If the Rockies are planning on breaking away from the stranglehold of mediocrity then they could definitely look to make a big move in the coming weeks. Just make sure that Tulo isn’t involved.