Kansas City Chiefs: Alex Smith does not deserve big money

Alex Smith came into the 2005 NFL draft as a guaranteed top five pick. It all came down to whether teams that needed a quarterback wanted Smith or Aaron Rodgers. The 49ers chose Smith number one overall, but since then it has been quite the roller coaster ride for Smith and all those involved.

Smith came into San Fran as the savior for a franchise with great history, but had been struggling for quite some time- hence they had the option to land Smith number one overall.

Smith came in and struggled from the get go, he never got things going in his first few years there.

In the 2011 season Smith showed serious signs of improvement but still managed only 17 touchdowns and barely over 3,000 yards passing. Through 10 games of the 2012 season it was much of the same with just over 1,700 yards and 13 touchdowns.

For a number one overall pick to play that many seasons and still not produce above the average QB numbers, fans were starting to wonder about their young backup by the name of Colin Kaepernick. Kaepernick got his opportunity when Smith got injured and absolutely ran away with it, leading us to where we are now.

Smith has reportedly been asking for Jay Cutler type money; Cutler is guaranteed around $50 million and is receiving around $18 million for the first three years of his contract.

Cutler's huge contract has put the Chiefs in a difficult spot with Smith

Cutler’s huge contract has put the Chiefs in a difficult spot with Smith

The Chiefs would be absolutely out of their mind, out of their body, out of this world if they even consider giving Smith this type of money.

Smith has not been given all of the weapons in the world and this should be taken into account. He doesn’t have Brandon Marshall or Alshon Jeffery, but at the same time he had weapons in San Fran and still was nothing above average.

Smith is a consistent quarterback and the Chiefs know what they are getting from him, and unless he has a steel curtain defense from the Steelers, or the Ravens defense from 2000 that took Trent Dilfer to a Super Bowl victory (and he doesn’t), then it’s just not in the cards for Smith.

Alex Smith is asking to be paid millions and millions of dollars to be a solid quarterback in the NFL but nothing special. Guys like Cutler who are getting paid this money have that factor that makes it worth it. Cutler can step back and throw a pick 6 and turn around and throw back to back 50-yard touchdowns in triple coverage.

Kansas City Chiefs: What to expect without Brandon Flowers

For Smith, it is really not fair to ask for this type of money. Thismoney is reserved for guys throwing 30 touchdowns and over 3,800 yards a year, none of which Smith has ever done nor will ever do, it’s just not who he is. Asking for money he doesn’t deserve is purely selfish of Smith to do.

With guys like Aaron Murray and Tyler Bray that have tons of potential it does not make sense to dish that kind of money out for such little return.

If Smith comes back to earth and realizes that his asking price is absurd and needs to be knocked down by the millions then it would make sense to keep him around. If not, it is time to let Smith test free agency.

  • panamarae

    I am a Smith fa–i was when he was a her and I am still with him. I think he should be paid around 12,000,000 per season–just seems about right looking at all QBs.
    He won’t lose a game for you but the colts showed how real dynamite can come from a canon arm.


    This was absolutely terrible writing. Look at Smith’s stats when he gets a hold of the playbook with San Fran in 2012 and the second half of 2013 his QB rating is well over 100. His winning percentage is enough to pay him 15+ million a year. Ideally for the cap he settles for 12+ bonuses but we will see.

  • https://twitter.com/burbankrusset Russet Burbank

    I am a potato.
    Mr. Leeper, what you’ve posted is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever read.
    At no point in your rambling, incoherent article were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone on the internet is now dumber for having read it. I award you
    no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

    • ThomBurr

      The spud wins the day… +1.

  • Johnny C

    What ever happened to the reporters that had to write base on facts? You are definitely a “Smith hater” and it really shows in your writing. Just look at the numbers. Cutler has never been a consistent winner and his backup out performed him last year. Yet, with the help of Smith at QB, KC had one of the best turn around seasons in NFL history.

    You take away a horrendous defense the last month of the season and in the playoffs, and KC has a chance to make it to the championship game. Did you even watch KC in the playoffs?

    Talk about negative bias! You really suck and deserve the criticism you’re getting on this article. Good luck on the rest of your career. You’re going to need it until you learn how to take you’re own personal feelings out of it.

  • Boss_Hog

    Dylan – Don’t quit your day job, you’ll never make it as a writer.


  • Sir Tenley I. Gobbelcoque

    “Smith came into San Fran as the savior for a franchise with great history, but had been struggling for quite some time- hence they had the option to land Smith number one overall.

    Smith came in and struggled from the get go, he never got things going in his first few years there.”

    Put any QB in Smith’s situation. They’re going to struggle as well when they’ve had Mike Nolan and Singletary.

    “Guys like Cutler who are getting paid this money have that factor that makes it worth it. Cutler can step back and throw a pick 6 and turn around and throw back to back 50-yard touchdowns in triple coverage.”

    So you’re saying that if Alex Smith had Cutler’s “Don’t Care” attitude and just lofted some balls into triple coverage a little more often, he’d be worth 18 million? 18 million a year for a guy who makes the poor decision of throwing a ball into triple coverage repeatedly?

    “With guys like Aaron Murray and Tyler Bray that have tons of potential it does not make sense to dish that kind of money out for such little return.”

    The key word here is potential. They might have tons of potential (For the record, I think Murray can be as good as Smith someday) but they might turn out to be the next Matt Cassel or Kyle Orton. Just because a fifth-rounder and an UDFA have potential doesn’t mean they’re going to be the next Tom Brady. Players wouldn’t get drafted into the NFL if they didn’t have potential.

    “If Smith comes back to earth and realizes that his asking price is absurd and needs to be knocked down by the millions then it would make sense to keep him around. If not, it is time to let Smith test free agency.”

    I agree that 18 million is a lot of money, it’s the going rate for franchise quarterbacks. Wilson is definitely going to get a new contract next offseason (3rd rounder, no 5th year option) and that’s going to raise Smith’s number even more.

  • Mark M

    While I appreciate a QB like Alex whom has always worked hard and continually improved, it’s tough to forget the YEARS where he got beaten out in camp battles by the likes of Troy Smith, Sean Hill and JT O’Sullivan (remember him). He’s come a long way since then and I still root for the guy, but he’s so limited, it’s astonishing to me that such conversations are being had. He stopped turning the ball over and learned to maximize production by taking almost no chances whatsoever. He truly is the check down king of all time, even on 3rd and long as was mentioned. He can help the Chiefs improve while they continue to re-tool, but they’ll need a real QB to take that final step and be a Super Bowl contender.

    • Johnny C

      You’re talking about the years he was hurt and had surgery? If you remember the idiot coach at the time didn’t even believe Smith was hurt.

      People are always knocking Smith for his stats. Look at Kaps stats from last year and also do me a favor… take a look at the year-by-year stats of Troy Aikman, who is deservedly in the HOF, primarily because of his winning percentage and 3 SB titles. Smith is winner and if KC surrounds him w/ some good WRs, he will continue to win.

      I know it’s a small sampling, but i watched 4 KC games last year and I counted at least half a dozen drops in every game.

      • Mark M

        He was hurt for exactly one season. Check your facts. He was beaten out by those nobodies when healthy. Again though, he has come a long way since then, especially post Harbaugh who taught him to take very few chances.

        It’s pointless to compare cross system or cross generation. His numbers are probably better than plenty of all time greats at various points if you slice and dice them enough…..Unitas, Namath, Tittle. But what exactly does that mean? Think about it. It’s a new time frame with new rules that favor the passing game. He’s playing for a pass oriented coach in today’s game. You have to take these things into account when doing comparisons, even against other teams in today’s game.

        I certainly admit he has played great in a couple of playoff games now though. He was tremendous against the Colts and Saints. But those were huge aberrations from the bulk of his career. I can’t understand why people pick exceptions and extrapolate them to be the rule or the norm even when the vast bulk of the evidence paints another picture entirely. He’s a very nice and smart guy, but I’ve got to believe he looks each way 7 times before he crosses the road. I find him difficult to watch and I suppose that’s the ultimate judgment I make on QBs…. the eyeball test.

        • Michael

          His turnaround came before Harbaugh. His stats show it after the boo bird game. Cherry picking? Not when he himself identified it as his change of philosophy to the game. http://blog.sfgate.com/49ers/2012/09/01/alex-smith-qa-just-play-quarterback-the-right-way/

          He repeated it at the commencement speech he gave in Utah. Harbaugh embraced Smith’s philosophy, not the other way around. Stats stayed efficient and won games when the defense played well.

          • Mark M

            Stats are for Fantasy Footballers. Alex will always have good stats now as he takes no chances. But that is precisely why he couldn’t beat the best defenses. Jeeeeez, how many times we had to watch him throw dink passes on third and long. Harbaugh knew it and moved to a second year, zero experienced kid whom could make plays even at the cost of his youthful errors at the same time. He did that in the middle of a successful season where Alex was putting up excellent stats. Woo hooo, alex just completed another 3 yard pass, just like the third and long on the final drive that ended KC’s last season. Classic Alex. But hey, his QBR looks great.

          • Michael

            You said “he has come a long way since then, especially post Harbaugh who taught him to take very few chances.” I just refuted it both with stats that you dismiss now but would thump if they helped you. Then, I refuted it with words from the man himself. His pressing stopped before Harbaugh. His taking what the defense gave him came before Harbaugh. The philosophy and the turn-around of Smith’s career was from Smith not Harbaugh. The turnaround for the Niners was Harbaugh using his players in ways that helped them as a unit to win.

            Reid is the one that is helping Smith open up – something Harbaugh had less interest in doing because he didn’t trust Smith. Smith’s numbers are low because of Harbaugh’s conservatism and personnel, something that he did (run more than pass) when he had Andrew Freakin’ Luck as his QB. But Smith’s shorter passes were embraced by Harbaugh because he thought that was the most he was going to get. Reid is getting more from Smith and will get more in 2014. When Smith is in the second year of the system, his YPA will become at least respectable or more. His 2013 second half numbers were good. I don’t expect those per se because of the defenses, but improvement, yes.

          • Mark M

            Hey, sound points across the board. Best of luck to you. Seriously, I hope the guy prospers out there.

        • Johnny C


          I’m a die hard 49 fan and know the facts. He was hurt for the better part of 9 games where the idiot coach challenged the injury and Smith due to the Niners staff recommending treatment and NOT surgery to resolve his issue. this was 2007. He played 7 games injured and terrible stats and then after 8 games was seen by Dr Andrews who said he was wrong and acknowledged Smith’s shoulder had not healed properly. He then underwent surgery and missed the next 9 games. Then when he came back the next year, he required a 2nd surgery and missed the entire season. that is the season you claim he lost his job to O’sullivan and Hill.

          I should also remind you that he had to suffer under the likes of Hostler and Raye as the OCs, not to mention having a different OC every year for his entire career until Harbaugh came to town.

          It cracks me up how the Smith “haters” always find their way to these types of article only to try and bring him down.

          If the Chiefs are smart they will pay the man. If not, some other team will.

          • Mark M

            Um, as you said, that amounts to a full season, as I said. Not sure why you continue to disagree. As a Niner fan then, you are well aware of his losing camp battles then since you saw it all. He lost his job to O’Sullivan in camp before getting hurt. He also lost his job to Hill on a number of occasions, as you must know.

            Yes, Hostler, Ray and Sing were horrible offensive coaches and it’s probably why Sing hasn’t had a sniff of a HC position since. But let’s look a bit closer at this bunch of “idiots” you claim coached him. Norv Turner, Super Bowl winning OC. Mike Martz, Super Bowl winning OC and architect of the greatest show on turf. Mike McCarthy, Super Bowl winning HC. Urban Meyer, one of the most innovative college head coaches of his generation. Not exactly a rogues gallery of morons, you’d have to admit. It’s easy to gloss over that period by calling them a bunch of idiots, but that isn’t the full truth at all.

            It has nothing to do with hate either. That’s a cop out. I certainly appreciate Alex for what he is. He is a very fine game manager whom doesn’t turn the ball over and enables otherwise good teams to win because of it. That is a big improvement on what he was prior to Harbaugh and what the Chiefs had prior to last year. Winning games is one thing. Being a legit contender is another. Harbaugh, obviously, agrees with this sentiment since he moved to a second year guy with no experience in the middle of a successful season. I’m sure you saw what I did when Alex would completely get shutdown against top defenses like the Ravens, the Giants and others. He simply couldn’t cope and his two playoff successes were against crappy defenses. I suppose that must mean something to you, eh? Harbaugh saw it and moved on accordingly, even going with a risky young playmaker still learning the craft.

            The Chiefs need him for now to continue their upward climb. Then they will need a real play maker before they will be a legit contender. Paying him huge money like what is being discussed would be a major mistake.

          • Michael

            His offseason competing with JTO was with JTO getting all the first team snaps, with his shoulder injured (diagnosis of the wire was after the competition but the affects of the wire was before), and Nolan was trying to scapegoat Smith after a public spat – I don’t give his judgment the same as a neutral person. Martz wanted JTO because he was more familiar with the system. Hill secured Singletary’s job the year later and thus was the presumptive starter. Smith didn’t overcome that. Singletary replaced Hill once he could despite winning games with Hill.

          • Mark M

            Now that is true

        • skwirrl

          Facts moron. He played with a separated throwing shoulder suffered in the 3rd game of his 3rd season for 7 games. Then he was out for the rest of the season after surgery. Then, the surgery was botched and left a wire that sawed into his shoulder til it broke off a chunk. Out for another season. Then after rehab he came back in game 6 of the 2009 season.

          • Mark M

            He missed the equivalent of a full season due to injury, like I said. And he lost his job to those guys as I said. Always so impressive and brave when folks on an anonymous internet chat forum use insults instead of reason. well done.

          • skwirrl

            Half of 2 seasons sandwiched around 1 full season? Somebody needs math class. That’s almost 2 full seasons nitwit.

          • Mark M

            Well, quite simply that is an incorrect statement. But I hope you feel better about yourself calling someone out on an anonymous internet chat forum. So brave of you at your keyboard. I can assure you, your behavior would be different face to face

    • Michael

      Alex Smith was the best QB on 3rd and long in plenty of sample size in 2013. Not all checkdowns to Charles, either. Reid has gotten to him. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BmWgCjjIUAAPT3o.jpg

      • Michael

        Before anyone tries to overly dismiss the stats, you can bet that somebody would use it against him if his interceptions were on 3rd and long. So good stats are dismissed and bad stats are used as evidence. I say take the stats as they are, no better, no worse. I wouldn’t say he’s the best, but there also is untrue to slant it the other way.

        • Mark M

          ” take the stats as they are, no better, no worse” Yeah, especially if you’ve sliced and diced them for exactly one season to suit your pre-supposed purpose. Never mind the Chiefs played the easiest schedule in the league and Charles/McCluster did most of that work last year. This is the stuff Alex fans in San Fran used to do as well. Find a way to highlight his completion percentage and efficiency numbers to somehow show him in a brighter light. But the big picture failure for Alex is that when his carefully constructed short passing game goes awry or gets stuffed by superior talent/scheme, the offense is reduced to what the running game can produce. In San Fran, often times, that resulted in a win anyways. But against the very best teams, it exposed an anemic passing game that good teams stopped respecting quickly.

          It’s always the same with an Alex run offense and I see some of his excuses have made their way to KC now as well. His receivers stink or drop too many passes. The O line doesn’t protect him well enough. Alex is hurting. The list is endless. The truth is that if his short passing game is off, he fails to even compete whereas competitive QBs at least try. Sometimes they succeed, sometimes they fail dramatically a la Romo or Farvre or someone like that, throwing picks. But that’s terrible for a QB’s QBR and efficiency numbers so I’m certain Alex will never do that.

          • 7yahweh7

            I bet you are one of those Kap jock lickers that use the SAME excuses to explain why Kap sucked it up too huh? How do you explain having a top ranked line, elite TE, one of the best WR units in the NFL, plus an elite D giving you the ball back all the time, and still having less than 200 yards passing……..EIGHT GAMES IN A ROW?!!!!

            You’re an idiot.

          • Mark M

            I hope you feel better about yourself calling someone out on an
            anonymous internet chat forum. So brave of you at your keyboard. I
            can assure you, your behavior would be different face to face. Sorry to see you have reproduced.

          • Michael

            My comment was in regard to those who will cite a stat that is “sliced and diced for exactly one season to suit [their] pre-supposed purpose” the other way. The fact that you’ve followed him from the Niners to the Chiefs articles does little to remove you from your presupposed purpose.

            For example, people like to cite the first half of the 2013 season in yards but ignore the second half or dismiss them because of opponent’s defense, without regard to the first half defensive teams or the fact that when a team is up you start running the ball more. The Chiefs were up often in the first half games nursing leads but were in the games in the second half (not garbage time stats albeit not winning the game stats either). They were also in their first games of a new system, but context is seen as “excuses” by some. If they lost, I see them as excuses, too, especially if the team loses to worse teams, but when they won and it is merely a stat based comment, that’s not an excuse.

            In the Denver games, he took more shots down the field and when they are down, he does also. I watched the games too so I’m not going to take your word for it. He will “at least try” too. Smith isn’t about QB rating or QBR, so that comment is just a glimpse of your bias. Smith may not be among the best, but he is about winning over stats or efficiency as anyone. His philosophy may be overly safe, but it’s based on his belief in winning a game, not efficiency stats. Say what you will about Alex fans, but why attribute it to Smith? They’re not the same. Smith thinks being safer keeps you in the game (not efficiency stats) and he has taken shots when needed. Why else throw before Vernon Davis was open (Saints game) if a FG was safer?

          • Michael

            Cleaning out my inbox and saw this reply notification. I don’t come back to articles to check on comments.

          • Michael

            Most NFL passes by any and every QB are short. Smith does what most QBs do and does it well. http://grantland.com/the-triangle/pass-atlas-a-map-of-where-nfl-quarterbacks-throw-the-ball/

            Brees >>>> Smith but Brees led the league in passes to runningbacks and you know he passes a lot to his TE Graham, so it’s not all WR to him either. Benefitting from hitting your players is not a bad thing. Again, Smith will take shots if needed. https://www.profootballfocus.com/blog/2014/06/20/qbs-in-focus-tendencies/3/

  • kalie mashaney

    Yawn. Before trying to further a career in journalism, the author should invest in a thesaurus. Who edits this crap? Microsoft Office could catch most of the mistakes in this article. Lazy writing, lies presented as facts, and a boring range of vocabulary.

  • Zebediah

    I think Smith is more than just a journeyman. He’s better than guys like Kyle Orton and Rex Grossman. While he doesn’t deserve the kind of money that Kaepernick and Cutler got (but also don’t deserve) I think he’s in the middle-to-upper tier of QBs. He’s no Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady, but he’s consistent and doesn’t make many mistakes. He’s very intelligent and can lead an offense. What he lacks in talent he makes up for in his consistency and management.

    I think Chiefs fans forget how long it’s been since we had a good QB.

  • Keith Alberson

    I’m a die hard Chief, i think this season is going to shock the sports world. However, on topic. I think you hit the nail right on the head. Alex Smith is no Aaron Rogers on his worst day, and he does not have the arm of Cutler. I will say this though, Colin Kaepernick is not worth the money he was paid either. Alex Smith is a journeymen, nothing more. What’s interesting, you mentioned Aaron Murray and Tyler Bray, which was great! People need to understand, this is the Andy Reid era of football now in Kansas City, and he brought alone John Dorsey, because he knows what it takes to build a winner, and if you remember, he had a big hand in drafting Aaron Rogers. We have two young quarterbacks in house, i believe before training camp is over, Chase Daniel’s is packing. One or the other, Murray or Bray has the potential to take the starting role next season, with the other as the back up. Keep Alex this season, pay him the tag, or make him play out his contract, and turn the page.

    • Dylan Leeper

      Agree 100%, don’t think Colin or jay has earned that contract, but in a qb driven league they have showed glimpses where their teams decided to gamble on it. With smith the chiefs know what they are getting, very solid qb that won’t make many mistakes, but also will not throw for 400 yards and 4 tds. Bray and Murray have lots of growing to do and it won’t be easy, but both have the potential to be the guy for the future.

      • Michael

        Not 400. Just 378 yards, 4 TDs, and 44 points. 😉 before you mention we lost, you were the one to bring up stats. And no one averages 400 or 4 TDs. Smith got 4+ twice last year and will 3 times, IMO, in 2014.

        • Dylan Leeper

          That was a Barry sanders like performance from Charles that day. Just was not containable and smith took full advantage of it!

          • Michael

            Wrong….. Charles was out with a Concussion. Recheck your Stats and then come back and respond. – Tommy.

            Dylan, you are talking about a meaningless Raiders game (5 TDs, BTW). I’m talking about a meaningful playoff game. Yeah, we lost despite the 378/4TDs, but you are the one talking about stats.

          • skwirrl

            You’re a moron. Were you born retarded?

        • Tommy

          Wrong….. Charles was out with a Concussion. Recheck your States and then come back and respond.

          • Michael

            What are you talking about? The poster I replied to said Smith was very solid but will not get you 400 yards and 4 touchdowns (suggesting he couldn’t). I jokingly said Smith won’t get you 400 and 4 TDs, just 378 and 4 TDs – sarcastically as if those 22 yards were that important. Smith did a great job without Charles – that pass to Gray who stutter stepped would have been a TD if that were to Charles. We also would have run the clock out.

            Then, I said he shouldn’t switch his tone to not winning the 378/4 game because he was the one to bring up stats.

          • Michael

            Oh I got it, you were replying to the author, not me. I will relay your reply.

      • Sir Tenley I. Gobbelcoque

        “400 yards and 4 tds.”


        I suggest you take a look at the “passing” section.

    • skwirrl

      He’s only beaten Rodgers head to head and put up better stats when they played.

    • Sir Tenley I. Gobbelcoque

      This season is a punt. We cut Flowers to save $3 million next year (Stupid, stupid move) and the draft was focused very much on the future, not in attempting to fill immediate needs.

      • Michael

        The save cap is more than 3 million. You have to factor in next years money that we don’t pay. Also, he did not fit in the defensive scheme Kansas City is going to play. He wasn’t happy here and he didn’t want to switch his position to match that we needed. I wish we could’ve traded him to get some sort of compensation. I wish he went to a different team than the Chargers.

  • Jon

    The “About Dylan Leeper” blurb has Chiefs spelled, “Cheifs”. Good one!

  • VAChiefsFan42

    In all fairness to Mr. Leper (as in the disease): He appears to be a very young fellow who likes to write for the purpose of being heard/read. Unfortunately, he writes in terms of superficial generalities, and what appear to be trite commentaries he may have read elsewhere… Recently he had written a decent article on DB’s – and also consistently gets things wrong: Justin Houston did NOT come into his own last season — He was emerging the year he was drafted – and made his mark in 2012. No where was Kendrick Lewis an “average safety” – except in Peeoli’s mind… The child does not do his homework and research his articles – and I must assume this post will be deleted with my other posts… If any of you favor to post, you are welcome to visit the Chiefs page on Fox – where I came across this article…

    • doomsayer42

      Yes, Mr. Leper (I also purposefully misspell it out of complete disrespect) you may want to research your articles before you write them.
      As an Alex Smith fan I do feel that the contract for him may need consideration. Alex Smith deserves a rightful contract, but not one that will hinder the team to much.
      Our diseased one needs to understand the situation Smith had in his years at San Francisco, including bad team and changing coaching staff. He deserves a fair try in Kansas City after just a single year under new management.
      Leper man, I don’t believe you should have a job after this week. Maybe next time you will not misrepresent your publishing. You might be a douche bag like San Francisco management, but his 2012 season was not because of injury. Just A-holes like you.
      You are fired!

      • VAChiefsFan42

        Nice comments doomsayer42 — I like your number!! As noted, you should come by the Chiefs page on Fox Sports – where I came across this article – some good folks there…
        In all candor, I believe The Leper is a kid in school — perhaps college at the most… So I really do not want to “rain on his parade” — Nonetheless, he really needs to do more research before he writes / posts an article… I doubt he gets paid for it, as well…

  • Michael

    18 million is now high but next year, Luck, RGIII, Cam, Wilson, and re-up like Eli or someone will sign for that or more. 18 will be near median in 3-4 or 2-3 years. The agent knows that. Plus, the salary cap is going up, with a big jump anticipated this next year and next. The salary cap jump can be used on defense minus the 4M gap of 18 asked for and 14 likely result (in a stagnant salary cap).

    Obviously, cheaper is better but 18M ain’t what it used to be. Even if one believes Cutler and Romo are better than Smith, their lack of success lessens the argument of “that’s elite money he’s asking for!” Elite, besides Brady (elite guaranteed by an organization known from moving on ahead of the curve), are paid better than 18. So it bugs me when they say, “he wants elite money!” Technically, speculative reports are that he’s asking for less than elite (19-23) that non-elite QBs ARE getting.

  • Greg Hand

    I have no problem with Alex Smith, he is a top 10 QB in the NFL. The Chiefs have a cap problem and just a small holes to fill to be a Superbowl contender. The Chiefs have a starter in Chase Daniel from what I saw from his start against the Chargers. The two young QB’s Murray and Bray should compete one and two and the odds are we will have the deepest QB list in the NFL in a very short time.

    • VAChiefsFan42

      / Nice points – but I do not see us carrying 4 QB’s on the roster… I think AS11 is the “real deal”; the guy impressed all year – and you could see the Offense “hitting on all cylinders” toward the end of the year and into the Indy game… AS11 really “stepped to the table” in the Indy game… Both Bray and Murray have significant potential — Either may be a QBOTF down the road – and I am impressed with how Bray has been handling matters. You hit the nail on the head re Daniel in the S.D. game… So unless we are able to slip Murray into IR for his knee, we are going to need to part with one of them… The logical would be Daniel – despite the fact that he would cost us $1M in dead money… He is good as gone with his salary in 2015: If we are able, we should deal him to a team with a need for a quality back-up – and Dallas is the obvious target, as Dr. Seuss’s Horton Orton does not want to play QB this season…

      • Dylan Leeper

        Daniel will be odd man out just because of Murray and bray being so young. But looking at that chargers game last year, all of the backups came in and really impressed. They played against a team who was playing for something, unlike the chiefs players, so to see the backups come in and play like they did was truly impressive. Daniel is a very good backup and if he is odd man out he will be a gem for any other team. Smith did play well that’s for sure, he is a good qb and lots of teams would love to have him. The asking price just does not meet the return product, at least not right now and that is why the chiefs have not extended a contract worth that asking price. If they can talk smith down to 12-14 a year I think it gets done.

        • Michael

          I think Smith is looking for a longer contract and they are offering and I think he’s looking for higher guaranteed. I really don’t think he’s looking for more money in total. When teams can backload contracts and can cut players, guaranteed is all that matters. Tom Brady took a little total contract because he was guaranteed almost all of it. I feel that if Kansas City offered Smith seven years, 12 to 14 M per year, and 60 million guaranteed (5 years), he would take it. I think that they are offering him a five-year deal that has three years guaranteed. Of course, this is just speculation.

      • skwirrl

        Last 6 games of the season throwing out high and low outliers Alex had a 109 Qb rating. Leaving the outliers in he had a 108.8 rating.

  • Michael

    Continued. Those games he got few yards in 2013 will be duplicated against Seattle and SF, but the rest of the games should improve.

  • randypeters297

    Obviously the writer of this article knows very little, if anything at all about football. Alex Smith wins games. That’s what he does. He done it in SF and he’s doing it in KC. Cutler’s never won anything.

    • Dylan Leeper

      Never said anything about cutler winning anything, besides money. Also smith does not seem to be winning many playoff games lately, good qb but not worth what he is asking for.

      • skwirrl

        Again. You’re a moron. Your mother should have smothered you in an inch of water while your were still an infant.

        • Adam Zielonka

          Or, you know, we could not go there. We are talking about sports, after all.

          Dylan, it’s good to see you’re standing your ground! Your opinion is valid whether or not it’s popular. But from my experience, I want to advise you not to give Internet commenters like skwirrl the time of day. Best wishes for your journalism career!

          – Adam Zielonka (the guy who wrote that unpopular Kenrick Ellis article)

      • Sir Tenley I. Gobbelcoque

        You really are an idiot. Alex Smith threw for NEARLY 400 YARDS AND 4 TOUCHDOWNS WITHOUT HIS BEST OFFENSIVE PLAYER/NUMBER ONE RECIEVER! What more do you want from him?

  • Jon

    9ers fan here and all i have to say is pay the man, he ran the gauntlet at SF where he got blamed for everything when we were playing badly and never got any real credit when we were doing well. Truth is he is a winner and it was a pleasure to watch him do well with the chiefs and he will continue to for hopefully years to come. Even as a 49ers fan i would love to play Smith in the SB win lose or draw it would be a movie like ending. Oh and he is a superior QB to Cutler in every way sorry bears fans but you know you would Rather have Alex Smith

    • randypeters297

      Cutler is the most overrated QB to ever play the game. I would take Alex Smith at QB hands-down over Cutler.

      • Dylan Leeper

        Never said I would take cutler and his 18 million dollar contract over smith, stated that his contract is the one that is putting the chiefs in a tough spot.

        • skwirrl

          I’d take Alex at 17 Million over Cutler at 1.

        • Johnny C

          You said that Cutler is worth his contract because he can throw a pick 6 and then come back on the next plan and throw a 50yd td pass. And yet, Cutler has taking the Bears to the playoffs once in 5 years. I would take Alex Smith every day of the week and twice on Sundays over Cutler, who again was out performed by his backup last year. You give Smith those weapons and Chicago is a better team.

          • MickAdams

            But Cutler didn’t have the tools, it is not Cutlers fault, he is a stud with the “it factor”.

        • MickAdams

          But you said Cutler has the “it factor” :lol

          What exactly is the “it factor”. Apparently Kap has “it” also, as far as I can tell “it” means getting all the credit when they win and none of the blame when they lose, as well as glossing over sub-par stats because he has a “huge arm” and a “high ceiling”.

          Just another fanboy parading as an “analyst”.

      • Keith Alberson

        He has a better arm then Alex Smith, but your totally right. I wouldn’t have him either.

  • FRED

    This is the worst, most dishonest and unfair Alex Smith article yet (and that’s saying something). First, in 2012 (before he had his job taken away for no good reason) he passed for 1850 yards and 13 TDS in EIGHT games, not 10 (nice try) and in 2013, threw for more yds, TDS w less interceptions and fumbles than the guy that was given his old job. Oh, and A Smith made the pro-bowl. The other guy didn’t. And he had THE most stacked team in the NFL BY FAR. A Smith had a lackluster supporting cast and STILL had a better season.

    I await your fantastically misinformed rebuttal.

    • Johnny C

      Nice and I fully agree with you. Dylan is a joke and since he’s writing on KC, you’d think he’d understand that the Chiefs didn’t even open up the playbook until game 10 last year. Also, looking at the numbers while he’s comparing Smith to other QBs, especially Kap, he should compare their numbers from the 2nd half of the 2012 and last year. The 49ers are a run first offense, which is why his numbers aren’t as good as nother QBs, but you look at his win/loss percentage and it’s in the top 2 the last 3 years.

  • Sean

    bromanchu this is terrible analysis. When next season is over and Alex throws for over 30 TDs Ill be there to say I told you so. Alex wins games and his formula is field position. Don’t fall into the trap that you have to throw 5000 yards a year to be great. Matt Stafford has Calvin Johnson and is still just average. Alex Smith can do this!

  • nick

    Cutler has 1 more 40+ yard pass than Smith……..

  • k-dog

    are you kidding me? smith would have taken the 49ers to the Super Bowl in the championship game 2011 but the special teams blew it. in 2012 he was off to a fantastic start until he was injured. then he takes a sorry Kansas City to the playoffs in his first year there which should have put them into the next round but the defense folded. the niners made a grave mistake.

    • MickAdams

      Love how the same critics who are so quick to point out that Kap “took his team to a SuperBowl”, will also, usually in the same breath, dismiss any of Smith’s accomplishments by saying “well anyone could have been successful with that team”.

      Also, pretty hilarious how Smith critics will point to the Giants loss in the NFC championship as some sort of black mark on Smiths career.

  • penlady

    Wow, you sure have a case of vendetta against Alex Smith. Are you a 49er fan or a Kaep fan who is scared out of their wits that Alex Smith will show how wrong SF was to trade him?

    • Iceman

      Just wanted to make it clear that Mr Leaper is clearly a fan of the 49ers, and most likely one of the Alex haters that never wanted to come to grips with the truth that his team was rubbish until Harbaugh took over and Alex got some support from the training staff. His rubbish reminds me very much of a “troll” or rather “hatemonger” from the 49ers homepage/web who called himself 7yearsofalexsmith.

      If somebody has not realized that e is a 49er fan jus read te following from his “article”
      “For a number one overall pick to play that many seasons and still not produce above the average QB numbers, fans were starting to wonder about their young backup by the name of Colin Kaepernick. Kaepernick got his opportunity when Smith got injured and absolutely ran away with it, leading us to where we are now.”

      The “secret” lies in the words “WHERE WE ARE NOW, CLEARLY MEANING “WE” THE 40ers”. I am a 49er myself but I follow every game that the Chiefs have played since Alex was thrown shamefully out of the 49er´s, something I will never forgive Harbaugh and Co, for and I am sure he would have won the Super Bowl in 2012 if given the chance. That´s my opinion but I can never prove it. Hope Alex will be able to live his dream of a Super Bowl win with the Chiefs, he does deserve it after all the troubles with the niner´s. In all the statistics I have read nobody seems to remember how much he contributed to last year´s running the ball himself, with more than 5 yards average.

  • Brian Hakker

    Wow you could be a politician. Half truths and lies don’t make you right.

    • penlady

      Right on, Brian Hakker!