Kansas City Chiefs: Final offseason move that needs to be made

Much has been made of the Kansas City Chiefs’ offseason moves, or lack of moves in some cases.

The secondary is the latest position to be put under a magnifying glass and be scrutinized. Some of this might be a little knit picky, but much of it is justified, and with the recent loss of Brandon Flowers things are really getting interesting now.

The Chiefs have three options going forward this offseason, address the situation with a veteran corner/safety that can come in on a cheap contract, rely on what is still on the roster and hope it pans out, or wait it out and see if any veteran corners get cut after camp.

Option 1: Address the situation with bringing in a veteran safety or corner

With the guys on the market right now there is not one name out there that gives the “wow” factor that would come in and erase all worries.

There are a couple guys out there that would make sense to look at just for depth and experience reasons, my favorite being Asante Samuel. Samuel is not the ideal fit for the Chiefs defense who prefers a taller CB vs Samuel’s 5-10 frame. Samuel is also 33 years old and is not an every down corner anymore either.

Could Samuel come in and provide veteran leadership and opportune playmaking?

Could Samuel come in and provide veteran leadership along with opportune playmaking?

What Samuel does have is the connection to Andy Reid, the two worked together back in the Philly days when Samuel came as a highly touted free agent from New England who was known for his keen playmaking skills and finding the ball.

Samuel could come in and provide great leadership for the younger guys like Phillip Gaines and Marcus Cooper, helping them to grow their game. He could also come in as a nickel corner and make some big plays; when the opportunity arises, no one is better at plucking the ball out of the air.

Other guys that could come in and help would be a guy like Terrell Thomas, who tore his ACL back to back seasons only to come back last year and play fairly well. Thomas is young enough to come in and compete for any of the open spots in the secondary, if healthy he could really be a solid addition if looked to.

Option 2: Play it out and see what they have

This option has been covered in many previous articles, it’s risky but right now it looks like it’s a risk the Chiefs are willing to take.

Kansas City Chiefs: What to expect without Brandon Flowers

There are plenty of young guys that are looking for a chance to make a name for themselves and it looks like Andy Reid and company are looking to let the young guns fight it out and see who can do what.

Guys like Cooper, Gaines, and Sanders Commings to name a few.

Cooper has potential, he has the right build to be a corner for the future, that being said he has a lot of growing to do.

Gaines is the 3rd round draft pick who will be thrown right into the fire as soon as camp starts.

Commings is a guy who is a bit of a mystery, he came in has a late round draft pick last year but broke his collarbone early on last year and missed pretty much his whole rookie season. Commings will come in and most likely back up Husain Abdullah at free safety, but has potential to take it over and be the future safety with Berry.

Option 3: wait and see what cuts bring

Every year a veteran player with some gas left in the tank is cut from his team for a younger and more promising guy. This is where the Chiefs need to swoop in and play the “one man’s garbage is another man’s treasure” game. There will be a guy that is cut that would make sense for the Chiefs.

Look for Reid to be on the prowl when cuts begin happening, he will have his eyes peeled for a guy that can come in and immediately contribute.

Any of the options make sense overall, but in the end it is imperative to walk into the locker room week one and have full confidence in the secondary and feel comfortable with it.

  • Chief Homer

    It appears to me the sports media and even many Chiefs fans base the 2014 Chiefs on last years ending performance. Every one is well aware of the secondary being exposed in the second half of last season. The first half of the season fans were riding high on Sutton’s defensive schemes, whereas the second half of the season they questioned his ability to put a sound defensive team on the field or make adjustments. Although there was a huge turnover in defensive personal last year, Sutton still didn’t have all right personal to fit his defensive scheme. Through FA [Cooper] and the draft [ Commings & Gaines] the Chiefs picked up players who fit Sutton’s scheme.
    The only way these young players can gain experience is by playing them therefore I choose option #2. Yeah they may get burnt a few times and could even cost the Chiefs a game or two, but you have to take that gamble to develop those players.

  • Keith Alberson

    Everyone is so quick to jump on the panic wagon, and beat up on the Chiefs, but when this new look defense comes out and succeeds, your all going to be on their jocks. Play it out, you sports writers are all the same, you can’t think for your self’s, Monkey see, Monkey do.