Minnesota Twins trade rumors: Kendrys Morales edition

Kendrys Morales

Kendrys Morales

As the Minnesota Twins begin their climb out of last place in the AL Central Division, the time has come in the baseball season to start thinking about the looming trade deadline at the end of July.

There has not been much talk as to who the Twins are interested in picking up in the deadline, but there has been talk about who they may possibly sell. From what I have learned in my research on rumors circulating in the world of Major League trades, players of possible sale include Kurt Suzuki, Kendrys Morales and Josh Willingham.

Now, it’s no secret that the Twins have struggled defensively on the pitching mound. As a team, Twins pitching has a combined 4.26 ERA, which ranks them 26th in Major League Baseball. Lately however, the pitching staff has been gaining some momentum, as they have contributed to a four-game sweep over the Chicago White Sox after a five-game slide.

Kendrys Morales

Kendrys Morales

But what the Twins also need is power in their lineup. And that is where room needs to be made on the roster. Currently, the Twins are ranked 22nd with a .245/.323/.374 slash line and 14th in RBIs at 290.

Like I previously stated, Kendrys Morales could possibly be up for trade by the deadline. Earlier this month, the Twins had signed Morales to a one-year contract in the hopes that he can build himself up and add batting power to the offense. Morales had hit .277/.336/.449 with the Seattle Mariners last year with 23 home runs and 80 RBIs.

In 51 at-bats with the Twins so far this season, Morales has gotten 11 hits, including three doubles and five RBIs averaging out to .216/.273/.275. He is certainly not on the same track as he was last year at this point, which may possibly be one reason why he could be up for a trade. With the Twins near the bottom of the division, one decision could be to let Morales go to pick up younger talent and maybe bring him back in the offseason.

Which, at this point, would be understandable. The Twins need results, which means that they need players who are going to go out and produce the best possible game and push them up the division ladder. They need power at the plate that is going to drive in runs at any point in the game when they are sometimes desperately needed.

Currently, the Twins are 23rd in home runs. Morales has hit zero. He is also not the fastest on the bases as he currently sits at zero stolen bases.

If anything, the best possible move would be to give up Morales to someone else and bring in someone who is younger, who is aggressive on the bases when need be, and can hit the ball a considerable distance on a regular basis. Let Morales build up to where he used to be with someone else, and if he does get to that point by the end of the season, then bring him back and plant him in a proper role in the lineup.

Because Morales is an older veteran, his knowledge with younger players is valuable. But, if his bat is not producing, then the Twins need to make some decisions and possibly bring in someone else if it means that they will be able to move up and gain some ground on the first place Detroit Tigers.

  • Karl Larson

    This a bad article. First of all, in baseball, you never “sell low” on a player especially if you want to trade for a “younger” player. Second, players have slumps. Morales has shown remarkable consistancy throughout his career. His BABIP this year is 65 points below his career ave. This means that he is line to hit go on a future hot stretch. You don’t trade a player less than a month after you sign them. Third, are you saying the Twins should be buyers or sellers? Because teams don’t trade a veteran for a veteran at the deadline. If the Twins are buyers, they will have to trade a prospect for a veteran. So, they won’t trade Willingham, Suzuki, ect.