UFC: Nick Diaz is worth the money

UFCYour prayers have all been answered folks! The MMA gods have touched their forgotten son Nick Diaz and have filled him with the Holy Ghost. No longer does he walk the land without a mission, partying in Los Angeles and shadow boxing with non-existent opponents. He is reinvigorated, a believer with the passion once again coursing through his veins to step inside the cage and do combat with whomever is placed in front of him.

Nick Diaz reportedly spoke with Sports Illustrated MMA writer Loretta Hunt at Glory Kickboxing 17 and mentioned that he is trying to work out his contract now.

Diaz retired after his loss to George St Pierre over a year ago and has stated on numerous occasions that he will not step back inside the cage for less than $500,000 or a title shot, neither demand really out of the realm of possibility.

Since then, he seems to be enjoying a life of leisure, hanging out with friends in sunny Los Angeles, teaching jiu jitsu seminars around the west coast and doing anything that doesn’t involve getting punched in the face.

But while Diaz has been sitting on the sidelines over the past year the fans are still as hungry as ever to watch him step inside the octagon and that kind of connection with your audience is priceless.

See, Nick Diaz is a unique fighter; scratch that, a unique person. Diaz fights the way people want to watch fights. His chin down, bite on your mouth piece boxing style mixed with high level, attack heavy jiu jitsu make it so that Diaz is never in a boring fight, of his choosing. Mix that with his say whatever he likes, puzzling yet always entertaining interviews leading up to the fights and you get the perfect storm for any fight organization.

He is highly promotable and fans have been showing their dedication to Diaz since he’s been gone. For example, after Johnny Hendricks beat Robbie Lawler for the vacant Welterweight belt, Fox Sports did a fan poll to see who should fight next for the title. In a division full of monsters like Tyron Woodley, Hector Lombard and Rory MacDonald waiting in the wings, the retired Diaz earned a resounding victory in fan votes over the competition.

See, the reason that Diaz’s demands to get paid are not ludicrous is because the amount of people that would pay to watch him fight are unmatched by any other fighter on the UFC roster. Diaz has built a following that no other fighter has. Love him or hate him, Diaz is MMA gold and with many UFC elites either retiring or getting old, the price of gold is going up.

To make things more interesting Bellator, UFC’s only other fight promotion competition, has just hired Scott Coker to run the organization. And for those of you who don’t know, Coker was head of operations for StrikeForce, the last promotion Diaz was a champion in. Diaz and Coker seemed to mesh well in the past and with Diaz’s contract issues with the UFC, Diaz heading to Bellator could be the shake up the MMA community has been waiting for.

Regardless where Diaz fights, be sure that Stockton, California’s homegrown bad boy is sure to make it entertaining leading up to and during the bout.

As a fight fan first, I believe that Nick Diaz is worth every penny and some. In the words of Teddy KGB, “Pay that man his money.”



  • Johhny A.

    I live in Manteca which is 10 miles from Stockton and my 15 year old son met him, shook his hand and Nick said to come to his gym anytime to train. People I know have hung with him in social situations and they say he is a super nice guy. Sport will be different with him not in it when he officially retires. We watch all the UFC fights but make damn sure we don’t miss either his or Nate’s. Silva vs Diaz would be an instant classic. Make it happen Dana! GO NATE! 209

    • joey

      Thanx for the comment man. I have heard nothing but good things about him as well. I met Nate and he is extremely chill. I hope Dana makes this fight. It would be epic.

  • 500k

    Diaz vs. Silva would truly be epic.

  • Matt

    Nice write up man. Huge Diaz fan here too, people just don’t get what type of fighter Nick is and what he means to the sport. He represents the old school mentality of fighting while still having true master level martial arts skills. Nick, if you read this — come on back homie! Pumped for your next bout.

    • joey

      Thank you and glad you enjoyed. He truly is the last of a dying breed.