VCU Basketball: Top 2015 recruit offers thus far

Head Coach Shaka Smart and his staff have been very successful when it comes to recruiting. With the addition of David Cason to the staff, 2015 recruiting should be even better. So far, 8 of the 11 offers made for the class of 2015 are in the ESPN Top 100 recruit ranks. Coach Smart knows just the type of players he needs, and he has made some great offers thus far.

Brandon Ingram is 12th in the ESPN Top 100 and has an offer to be a Ram. Ingram is a 6-8, 180 pound small forward. Last year his stats were remarkable. He averaged at 19.5 PPG, 9.1 REB/G and 2.5 BLK/G. Ingram has what it takes to play for Coach Smart. He has shown his talent with his accurate shooting and his ability to block. Ingram quickly sinks 3-point shots with ease. His fast trigger would be ideal with the speedy nature of VCU’s style of play.

Brandon Ingram is in the ESPN Top 100 2015 recruits.  Here he dunks in the Dunk State Championship.

Brandon Ingram is in the ESPN Top 100 2015 recruits. Here he dunks in the Dunk State Championship.

Malik Beasley is 52nd in the ESPN Top 100 and with the arc on his shot, he would be a great player for VCU. Beasley is a very athletic shooting guard, which is what Coach Smart looks for. He needs players who can run his fast plays all game. Beasley averaged 19.1 PPG last season. In addition, he is an unstoppable force under the basket as he averaged 8.3 REB/G. The Rams could benefit greatly from a set of hands like Beasley’s under the basket. To top off his skill set, Beasley has yet another expertise that VCU thrives on. He is quick to steal the ball as he averaged 2.1 STL/G last season as well. Overall Beasley is looking to be the best fit for havoc on the list of offers so far.

Photo credit: Patrick Wood

Photo credit: Patrick Wood

Josh Reaves is No. 71 in the rankings and is yet another shooting guard. Reaves finishes strong under the basket and is no stranger to dunk. He averaged 12.6 PPG last season at his high school and earned first team All-Met honors as well. Reaves is 6-3 and 175 pounds so he’s got a good start to his strength and can gain even more if he were to be under Smart’s training.

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