World Cup: is history repeating itself?

The first World Cup started in 1930 and happens every four years in different countries throughout the world. Each World Cup is in a unique venue that allows international players to see the world on a whole other level.

This is the fifth time the World Cup has been hosted by a South American country. The four previous times the World Cup has been in South America, a European team has never won.

The Europeans are considered the powerhouse of soccer. They have the best club teams for players to play in. When people think of soccer, they typically think of what is going on with the number of club teams in Europe. But a European team has never won a World Cup in South America. Will the tradition keep on going, or will a European team break the barrier?

It looks like history is going to repeat itself. The European teams have been anything but good in this tournament. More European teams are eliminated than in the round of 16 right now. For example, the defending World Cup champions were eliminated after just two games because the Spanish squad underestimated every team in their group. If any European team has a chance of winning the World Cup it has to be Netherlands, France or Germany.

In Group A, there are no European teams advancing. The host country Brazil already topped that group and with the win over Croatia, Mexico finished second in the group.

In Group B, one European team is advancing. Netherlands finished first in the group with an impressive nine points and three victories in the group. Shocking the world and finishing second in the group is Chile.

Group C is still up in the air, but it is most likely that a European team will not make it out of this group. Columbia is already in the round of 16, and it looks like the African country of Ivory Coast will finish second in the group.

Coming into the World Cup, Group D was the group of death with two great European soccer squads. The English side has not made a splash in the World Cup for a while, and their drought continues. They lost their first two matches and were eliminated from the World Cup rather quickly. The only positive England can take away from this is that Wayne Rooney finally scored a World Cup goal and that they have a young team. Italy got off to a quick start in the World Cup with a win against England, but then lost their last two games to Costa Rica and Uruguay. Italy has won four World Cups, but has not made the knockout stage of the 2010 or 2014 World Cup. Both European teams were eliminated, and Costa Rica and Uruguay made the round of 16.

The French have dominated group E, but no team is in yet. Two European sides, the French and Swiss, both have a chance to make it out of the group stage. But Ecuador still has a chance to spoil the European sweep in Group E.

No European team will be making it out of the group stage in Group F with Bosnia- Herzegovina already losing two matches. Argentina is dominating the group with two wins, but both Nigeria and Iran still have a chance of making the round of 16.

Group G. All is up in the air and every team is alive. Two European teams can qualify, or just one can. The best European team with the most potential may be in this group. Germany dominated Portugal to a 4-0 win, and earned a 2-2 draw against Ghana. They are not to the round of 16 yet, but they have great talent and loads of history weighing down on them as a European team still left in the World Cup.

A European team is dominating the final Group H. Belgium has two wins and has already made the knockout stage. They may be a European team, but they have played two close games with Algeria and Russia. They play like a typical European team. They have possession, size and talent, but they are too comfortable. They wait until the last minute to get on the score sheet and play nonchalant, which may hurt them in the round of 16. I have Belgium winning the World Cup, but they wont if they continue to play this slow.

History is in the past, and people always strive to rewrite it. But with the way this World Cup is panning out, history will remain the same.