Detroit Tigers trade rumors: Alex Torres edition


Now in case you haven’t noticed or are just tuning in, you probably realize that the Detroit Tigers have issues when it comes to their bullpen. With the trading deadline just over a month away, the Tigers are going to have to make some moves to address these issues in order to take the next step and win a World Series title in 2014.

Acquiring former Tampa Bay Rays and now San Diego Padres relief pitcher Alex Torres could be the perfect move for the Tigers.

While they may have to give up a little more than they would want to in order to get the 26-year-old pitcher, it would be worth it in the end.

Torres is a lefty who has shown little signs of struggle since making his debut in 2011. Torres has a career ERA of 1.96 in just over 96 innings pitched and is currently sitting at an ERA of 2.05 this season.

Bringing in a pitcher with the caliber of Torres could really help a Tigers bullpen that has struggled this season on remaining consistent. It seems like the moment they start to look like they have found their groove, they fall back into a slump.

Torres could finally be the answer to the Tigers getting the opportunity to part ways with relief pitcher Phil Coke. I am crossing my fingers because even with an ERA of 5.60 this season and struggling more often than not, Coke still remains on the team. Newly brought up left-handed relief pitcher Blaine Hardy has been impressive early in his four appearances, so maybe the Tigers could put their hopes into Hardy that he continues to pitch well.

However, if the Tigers are able to find a way to bring Torres to Detroit, it could only help.

Making this move though would only add depth to the bullpen as they would not put Torres in the closer spot, even though closer Joe Nathan has been off his game this season. Though Nathan struggles, Tigers manager Brad Ausmus has been on record saying Nathan is their guy.

With Nathan keeping his job and set up pitcher Joba Chamberlain holding his own for the most part with the Tigers, Torres would be a great addition to someone who could come in the seventh inning after hoping the starting pitcher has a solid six innings of work.

This move may only be a rumor, but the Tigers should find a way in making a trade for Torres a reality.

{Alex Torres sports new protective hat}