Oakland Raiders: why Reggie McKenzie needs to trade Denarius Moore

We already covered one move the Oakland Raiders need to make before training camp starts, but there is one more key transaction to do before the team gets together next month

Moore was a very good speed receiver and could make people miss in the open field

Moore was a very good speed receiver and could make people miss in the open field

The other move that should be made is to trade Denarius Moore. The fourth year wideout has been a starter since he entered the league, starting 35/41 games and nabbing 135 catches for 2,054 yards and 17 touchdowns. His speed is his key mark, averaging almost 16 yards per catch.

However his inconsistency has held him back from elite levels. He struggles with drops and hot reads, which have put him in the coach’s doghouse. Given their depth among the wideouts, Moore is a luxury.

Last season he began the year as the number one wideout, but quickly fell behind Rod Streater, who developed into the best receiving threat. Given Andre Holmes’s late season ascent and James Jones’ acquisition in the offseason, Moore is unlikely to see even half the playing time he has over the past three seasons.

Moore is still only 25 with plenty of upside

Moore is still only 25 with plenty of upside

Given his production and speed, he would make a nice trade target for a receiver needy team. Someone like the Carolina Panthers, who have nothing but a raw rookie, aging slot receivers, and untested practice options squad to throw to, Moore is a perfect option.

Given his propensity for trading, Reggie McKenzie will likely seek a 6th round pick, since Moore is young, has proven talent, and has good starting experience. It may seem silly to send off a starting receiver, but the Raiders would be wasting his talents and letting him waste the final year of his rookie contract on the bench, where he could easily leave the team for no compensation.

With Moore gone, it allows for other young Raiders receivers to fill out the depth and contribute. Juron Criner has been catching everything and presents a solid possession threat. Brice Butler still has room to grow. Mike Davis, the undrafted rookie from Texas could develop into a solid deep threat.

While keeping a starting caliber receiver around as a depth piece may seem like a smart move, its best to let him move on to further his career, but also gain some compensation in return.

  • Juan Acevedo

    Dennis Allen, I hope you read this. While we all know D-Moore has had his (short) share of drops, what WR hasn’t? “He needs to step up”, “he needs to improve”, “he’s got work to do”…. STHU already!! You are a coach, you are a teacher, so act like one and pull him aside in the classroom, have a one on one with him, and let him know what he needs to work on and how to fix it instead of throwing him under the bus all the time. Torching him in public to the media is NOT coaching. Take a page from the Al Davis book and BELIEVE in your players, trust your players and take advantage of their skills. While Al Davis always gave young, smart coaches a chance to shine, you wouldn’t of lasted under his watch. While YOU have “work to do” we haven’t given up on you, so don’t give up on our playmakers either. The other day D-Moore made a rare beautiful jump ball catch in practice, and it’s like you didn’t even notice. And he won’t be the vocal leader you’re looking for either…he is introverted and is reserved, and you need to get that. Just trust him and launch him the ball already!!!

  • Jackal

    He only had five drops last season and three were in one game

  • Pharaoh

    Its unfair to judge Moores recent body of work without a Starting QB. He will be a star if he had a consistent QB. Hes getting blamed and we haven’t had a consisntant since Carson Palmer….smdh

  • Anthony Hughes

    we can keep him or trade him for andre johnson or justin blackmon. personally i want D.Moore to stay, but andre johnson could help mold him to be a better player for years to come; blackmon we could scoop up for league minimum(extremely low risk and high reward)

  • Cerberus

    I don’t understand the hatred for DMo by some Raider fans. DMo is going to be in S&B come training camp, and the only way I see him not wearing S&B is if he gets beat out by the competition. And if he gets beat out that is fine, but to trade away the one guy we have that can stretch the field when we have a bunch of question marks at WR would be foolish. We’re all hoping that Streater and Holmes can pick up where they left off last year, and that James Jones is going to be good, or that Greg Little will have learned to hold onto the ball; however, none of those things are guaranteed and the Raiders can’t throw away DMo on the chance we found our stud WRs.

  • BV

    Can we trade d.a instead. Moore has improved zero in the last two years and i don’t think its coincidental that it’s the same amount of years d.a. has been at the helm


      You’re absolutely correct……. When Hue Jax was in Oakland Denarius Moore proposed, he has declined as a WR since Dennis Allen been at the helm!

      • Willie Lunchmeat

        Finally, people who see what I see… DA don’t like DMoe, if you look at the interviews on the Raiders website, his whole demeanor changes when he speaks about DMoe. What happened last year with DMoe’s disappearance was by design, not because he disappeared. Shannon Sharp did an AFC playbook piece on Dmoe in week 6 after he and Pryor had a nice 4 game stretch, then…. they stopped throwing him the ball. The dude ran end arounds in his first year and lit teams up, but has not ran 1 since DA took over. They best playmaker was stuck running mostly slants… go figure…

  • Reggie Mac

    Mr. Moore will be a Raider this seaon and continue to work, refine his craft and flourish with The Silver and Black.

    There is no indication to think otherwise.

    Commitment To Excellence.

  • mandeepbola

    I love Moore and have a love hate relationship with this topic. Yea he is a great down field receiver but he has made a lot of drops. Especially important drops either on 3rd downs or wide open catches where big chucks of field were covered, I think whatever mckenzie does will have some type of positive effect on the raiders. Remember heyward-bey? He was the same story great speed but not consistent.

  • Juan Acevedo

    All this “give up on D-Moore” talk is nonsense. Yes I get it he dropped some balls but c’mon his upside definitely outweighs his downside. In reality there is no better deep threat in the AFC than him this guy is a downright playmaker that makes awesome plays and is exciting to watch, and we really need his speed to spread the field and compliment our bigger receivers. If anyone thinks that having Streater run a deep route and have the same effect they are very wrong. What we have to do is use him correctly and if Dennis Allen fails to see that then he is the one that needs to go. DA just needs to show his players some support for once instead of being on his grind 24/7 and let the man do his job. This guy makes plays, but he thrives when the game is on the line and against zone coverages, that’s when the incredible play comes. Use him right and we will be rewarded. We would be making a huge mistake by letting him go.

    • RaiderRo

      Exactly, he’s the only guy we have that can stretch the field. Teams are going to load up the box against us, so I’ll that, especially a guy in his contract year, over a meaningless pick anyday.