Pittsburgh Steelers: Final offseason move that needs to be made

Earlier in the week many thought Brandon Flowers might be a palyer the Pittsburgh Steelers could make a move for. A veteran corner who could provide more depth and experience at position that has needed a lot of evaluation over the offseason.

Flowers, however, is off the market. He signed with the San Diego Chargers.

OTAs and mini-camp have come to a close and it won’t be until late July that we’ll hear from the Steelers. In the meantime, there won’t be a whole lot of news, at least not coming from the Steelers.

It doesn’t seem likely that many moves will be made prior to training camp. The only moves the team may make is cutting ties with deadweight players who are just taking up cap space.


There won’t be any moves to acquire anyone out there on the market. The Steelers took care of that business during free agency and the draft, adding Mike Mitchell to the secondary mix and got up-front presences with first round selection Ryan Shazier and second rounder, Stephon Tuitt.

The Steelers have made significant progress, on paper at least, in improving a team that’s gone 8-8 in the last two season. Time will tell how these new additions will pan out but the confidence is there.

As far as any major moves goes, expect none. As noted earlier, the only moves that might be made is dropping low-end players who really have no shot in claiming a spot on this team.

One name that may be notable that the team could cut ties with is wide receiver Derek Moye.NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Cincinnati Bengals

Moye saw some playing time last year, but didn’t exactly make a lasting impression. He scored one touchdown last season, but the odds aren’t in his favor.

The Steelers drafted Martavis Bryant in the fourth round and he’s an easy replacement for Moye.

Moye may have been kept around due to his height, but Bryant boasts height as well. He’s also faster. He’s a favorite to be a contributing factor to the team, perhaps in the red zone. Nonetheless, Bryant seems to be a shoe in for a spot but Moye does not.

The Steelers could part with players such as Moye or other guys who are really only there to provide an extra body during camp. Moye will most likely last until training camp and pre-season, but if the team doesn’t want to prolong cutting him, they may let him and others go sooner.

  • Joeybaggadonuts

    Ryan. Your comments are purely speculative and somewhat inaccurate. They kept Moye because he is a scrapper who plays intelligently and disciplined as evidenced by his tackle from behind. The NFL game that is played between the lines is also played between the ear holes on the helmet. The Patriots, although elevated by Brady are probably the most intelligent team in the NFL but how many household names are there? Bryant should beat out Moye but let the play between the lines determine who stays…besides it’s much to early to speculate and he doesn’t eat cap space as 2nd year player with his draft status. Let’s not be enamored by potential…as the late great Chuck Noll said, potential doesn’t win games….

    • Sunny Day

      Joey. Many comments are always speculative..You have shown you have knowledge between the ear holes..Whatever be said..I would bet that Moye will not make the team..It is never to early to speculate..Obviously your opinion differs from Ryan’s but just like his comments r speculative your comments and beliefs are no different..I hope this unwarranted attention helps ur self Esteem..I speculate it may have !!

      • Joeybaggadonuts

        Sunny, My self esteem is just fine. My dad was a coach and I lettered at the D1 level. I just hate when people who have never played the game and have a little understanding of the intrinsic value of competition make comments that seemed to be etched in stone. We all know that Bryant was drafted to make the team but as Ryan writes…is he an “easy replacement” for Moye. The comment in of itself is disrespectful to a person who has the balls to go out put it on the line and try to garner a position for himself. That, as a former competitor, scalds me. Show some respect to those who try….

  • William Maloni

    That should have been “thin” OLB group.

  • William Maloni

    I still would consider adding James Harrison to a think OLB group.

  • Bob Graff

    Alright let’s look a little closer at the upgrades, The odd guys out are Ryan Clark, L.Woodely, B.Keisel, L Foote and E. Sanders. The replacements are M. Mitchell J.Jones S,Tuitt, R.Shazier and we don’t know yet. Yes we are getting younger which is good but it’s yet to be determined whether the replacements are good players. Quite simply none have proven anything yet. And to compound that we refused to address the CB spot with an early round selection. The jury is out on this 8-8 team, have they really upgraded the roster or just wishing so???

    • Vincent Mcelroy

      Lets see! Mitchell better safety with speed and can actually catch the ball! That’s a definite upgrade over Clark!
      L. Blount big back with speed and power! Upgrade over any running back that was on the roster besides Bell!
      A.Moates versatile line backer who can play all 4 spots! upgrade over what was there.
      Better receiving core, a healthy T.E. in heath this year! Possible R.O.Y. Candidate at D.E. in Tuitt, Possible R.O.Y. line backer in Shazier. I think they upgraded substantially!

      • Bob Graff

        Really Mitchell was part of that dominate Lions defense. Blount is better than Bell but the Steeler’s will cut off there nose to spite there face on this one. Moates better be good on special teams because that’s where he will be playing.And at this point every rookie is a candidate for R.O.Y.. And if you read your own words “i think” sums it up best. This group is unproven let’s just hope the front office has done better than they have over the last few years.

        • SteelCurtN

          Mike Mitchell never played for the Lions. I kind of stopped reading after that.

          • Bob Graff

            That’s my bad it was a visual mistake. Carolina ans Detroit have very similar uniforms.I still think the Steelers have the potential to win 10 games. But i just don’t feel overall this roster is much better than last year’s

          • Dewayne Braxton

            No one knows if the team is better but at least we have more potential. Young players with upside like Wheaton, Bell, J.Jones, Bryant, S. Thomas give us hope!

          • Joeybaggadonuts

            What gives us hope is that they finished 6-2 and have mad a few upgrades. They went 6-2 after going no huddle so let’s keep that going. It’s not a slight to Haley as it is his offense and Ben is the conductor. Let’s hope the O line stays healthy also.

      • Dewayne Braxton

        I do too! One really good offensive tackle would make me feel even better. Hope one emerges.