New York Giants: Final offseason moves to be made

New York Giants

Knowshon Moreno

The way I see the New York Giants offseason ending is with the addition of a player through free agency. Actually, it doesn’t have to be a singular player- there are couple they could potentially chose from to shake things up a bit.

Running back Knowshon Moreno was drafted in 2009 by the Broncos and was considered the best running back that year. He played in 60 games during his allotted five years with the team and has been a standout ever since. He accumulated 1,038 rushing yards and scored ten touchdowns last season with the Broncos and now finds himself injured with the Dolphins. The New Jersey native has been pumping out greatness since high school so if anyone’s going to pick him up it better be NYG.

Moreno has just injured his knee and will have to undergo scope surgery to repair it. The former Denver Broncos star will be sidelined for about a month but I have a feeling he won’t be returning to the roster. He is expected to recover but he has the competition from two healthy players, Lamar Miller and Daniel Thomas, battling for the starting position and if his prognosis isn’t good, why keep him on the bench.

If Moreno hits free agency I would hope the Giants would be there to pick him right up. It’s always good to have another running back and especially one who is a machine that would be a die-hard player on your team.

Another place to start in free agency is with the coveted tight end position. As we already know, no Giant has been named the starter, so why not throw someone else in there to really stir the pot? Adrien Robinson, Kellen Davis, Xavier Grimble, Larry Donnell and Daniel Fells are all potential tight ends but no one has stood out above the rest. If they bring a new guy in from free agency someone’s going to start working harder then the rest and maybe they can select that way. Whoever wants it the most is going to show it.

New York Giants

Dustin Keller

As of June 1, there are still tight ends available in free agency. When going over the list nobody really jumps out at you but then I saw Dustin Keller and thought he could be the man for the job. He’s a seasoned veteran, being drafted in 2008 to the New York Jets. He caught 241 passes, amassed 2,876 yards and scored 17 touchdowns in his five years as a Jet. After his stint in New York, the Miami Dolphins signed Keller, where he suffered a major knee injury in 2013.

Keller should be ready to play by game time this year and I think he would be an unexpected positive addition to the team. If the Giants could scoop him up, I think it would shock the team and get the ball moving on choosing a tight end. An outside man might really do the trick.

Moreno has yet to hit free agency but would be an even bigger shock then Keller. He has the skills and will come back from surgery and play twice as hard. If Miami were to let him go that would be a huge mistake on their part, but New York’s to gain. These final offseason moves would be unanticipated and highly beneficial to the team.

  • mike

    They’ve already got more RBs than they know what to do with

  • Bryan

    Jordan you are just making stuff up. You need a proof reader. One that has one of those bullshit buzzers. I have a grand that says the Giants do not speak to either of them. You thought process on Moreno being available because he is banged up and can not compete with younger talent is mind blowing. Why would the G Men want him. I think you need a nap.

  • doug

    He signed a contract and they brought him into pass block. Neither of these guys can do that so he should be around for his contract at least. He ran so well in Denver because no one was in the box and Peyton knows is a scientist with play calling.

  • Lonewizard

    Jordan you crazy. There is a reason these guys are available; no one wants old football players that can’t run.