Indianapolis Colts: Final offseason move they should make

The Indianapolis Colts have made a few moves this offseason in order to attempt to win the AFC South a second year in a row and having hopes of winning a Super Bowl title this upcoming season.Reggie_Wayne

Moves include re-signing cornerback Vontae Davis to a long-term contract, picking up key players in the 2014 NFL Draft like offensive lineman Jack Mewhort and wide receiver Donte Moncrief, and bringing in veteran players such as linebacker D’Qwell Jackson, wide receiver Hakeem Nicks, and defensive end Arthur Jones.

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While all of these moves could be enough to make the Colts a better team in 2014, there is still one final move that needs to be made and it does not include adding any more pieces to this puzzle.

Trimming down the receiver position

I am a fan of the many receivers the Colts have on their roster as they currently have 11 heading into training camp. I know that they are allowed to go into camp and start with a 90-man roster, I get that. But with the talent of receivers the Colts currently have, they may have to make a couple cuts earlier than they thought.

As of right now, the three receivers who are going to get the most playing time this season include Nicks, Reggie Wayne, and T.Y. Hilton. Moncrief will make the roster and see plenty of playing time as well.

Then when it comes to the other seven wideouts fighting for a spot, the big names out of that bunch include Griff Whalen, LaVon Brazill, and Da’Rick Rogers. Rogers may have the edge out of the three with having better size and speed.

Now a receiving core on a 53-man roster includes probably at most five receivers, especially when you have tight ends and running backs in the game that are becoming more versatile and able to become more of a threat. Luckily the Colts have guys like tight end Coby Fleener and even Dwayne Allen who are able to lineup at receiver to cause matchup problems for the defense.

Now if the Colts part ways with Whalen and Brazill, according to the Colts would only take a cap hit of $78,680 dollars with that only coming from Brazill’s contract.

The Colts have a few other rookie receivers such as Tony Washington, Eric Thomas, and Ryan Lankford who would be eligible to make the practice squad if the Colts choose to do so.

With Whalen being a small receiver who doesn’t offer a lot of speed, Rogers being an impact player but only if he can avoid trouble off the field, and Brazill not having much of an impact in 2013, the Colts will have their hands full to find out who will be that fifth and final receiver this season.

  • Cobb78

    Brazill is gone. Also, where’s the idea that Whalen is “slow” come from? His 40-time was 4.5. Greg Toler was quoted as saying that Whalen is fast, and has shown dramatic improvement over last season.

    • Ryan

      Yes I am aware that Brazill is gone, this was written before. And Rogers is faster, bigger, and has better hands. An ESPN Indianapolis Colts reporter even said that the Colts are looking to have 5 wide receivers. And with that being said, Rogers has the edge. Not taking anything away from Whalen though. Easily could be a good receiver but when you have Nicks, Wayne, Hilton, and Moncrief, it would be hard for a lot of guys to make it.

  • ndelaplane

    I think they need to go with Nicks, TY, and Wayne, obviously. But they could probably deal Da Rick to another team for a draft pick or a trade for center or perhaps CB. I just don’t think they will get a lot out of Brazil or Whalen on the field or otherwise. I would consider dealing Fleener as well depending on how Swoop looks. Fleener has great hands, but his routes are average and he struggles in the blocking scheme. I would deal Bradshaw as well, assuming he comes back 100%. Ballard is a stable back, and Trent needs to either be given to full workload or traded, despite the 1st round pick he cost them. Can’t afford pride to let you waste the money and reps we could be giving our runningback. They have a lot of pieces that could be valuable if traded now that might not be at the end of the 2015 season.