Dallas Cowboys: Final offseason move that needs to be made

After another disappointing 8-8 season in 2013, the Cowboys are focusing on improving in the off-season in order to finally get over the hump and make a playoff appearance for the first time since the 2009-10 season. The ultimate question is how can a team improve after losing so much valuable talent? The Cowboys have lost veterans DeMarcus Ware, Jason Hatcher, and Miles Austin due to free agency. You also can’t forget about the season ending injury to linebacker Sean Lee. It was reasonable for the organization to cut ties with the three players in free agency. The Cowboys were barely under the salary cap and those players we’re either to0 expensive for their age or just diminishing in talent. Losing  Sean Lee was just a major blow to the team.

If the Cowboys even wanted to think about competing in a very competitive division they had to improve on their depth in the off season. After the draft and a couple of free agent signing they took a step in the right direction. In this year’s draft the cowboys drafted all but two defensive players to help on improving the leagues worst defense. The Cowboys also signed defensive lineman Henry Melton, Terrell McClain, Jeremy Mincey, and Anthony Spencer to add more depth to a position group that desperately needed it.

The Cowboys have made strides on improving their defense but there are still some questions on this defense heading into the season. The Cowboys still have a very questionable defensive backfield. Brandon Carr hasn’t lived up to his huge contract, and Morris Claiborne hasn’t been on the field enough to live up to his 6th overall selection spot in the 2012 draft. Orlando Scandrick had the best season last year out of any corner on the team and he started off being the slot corner. The Cowboys should sign a veteran corner just for security if any of those corners fall to injury.

The Cowboys should take a deep look at cornerback Asante Samuel. His skills have diminished over the years. He’s not the play-making corner he was a couple years back, but he still played in 11 games last season for the Falcons. His knowledge of the game could help the younger corners on the team learn to play at a higher level. He also still has a little something left in the tank as well.

Asante Samuel could be a veteran leader on defense for the Cowboys

   The Cowboys should also look for a veteran safety because like the corner position depth is a real issue. The starters at safety for now are Barry Church and J.J. Wilcox. Jeff Heath stepped in for Wilcox multiple times last season, but he had issues defending the deep ball. A veteran like Ed Reed could be a nice pickup because he wouldn’t cost much and his veteran presence is much needed for a such a young group.

Ed Reed is another defensive back who the Cowboys should take a deep look into

The Cowboys have done lots in the off season to improve their front seven whether in the draft or free agency, but little has been done to improve on the pass defense. A veteran cornerback or safety like Samuel or Reed should be the final offseason move for the Cowboys.

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  • Dave

    The cowboys on paper look awesome but on the field they are highly overrated. I have been a fan since the 70’s. We constantly draft weak and over pay aging free agents. We don’t have a championship team just a lot of hype every pre-season. Impact players from the draft we overlook to get players that fit our system that has not changed in 10 years. Americas team has turned to Jerry’s overpaid jokesters. Every year we get excited about the draft and a player that may change our team we pass by him to get a player that normal in 3 years want even be on the squad . Our billionaire owner needs a reality check. Look around the league teams with less money is better than us. buy their blue printer for success because the one in Irvin is not work jerry!!!

  • Trey

    Asante Yes !

  • Josh Ramos

    Asante yes, Ed Reed no. They need their younger safeties to have a shot and find out what they’ve got

    • cowboy fan

      If Samuel is dirt cheap, then fine. But Ed Reed would be emblematic of the typical bone headed cowboys personnel move they finally went away from this season. The Cowboys don’t need another big hitter at safety. Barry Church is one of the better safeties in the league in the box. They need a cover man. Ed Reed carries name value, but he’s lost a couple steps. Now in his second season. Now in his second year, I think Wilcox will fill in well. Talent was never the problem with him, it was teachable stuff.

      Lets not forget, the DB’s were torched last year because the cowboys pass rush was awful, Wilcox was a rookie with limited experience as a safety in college, and Carr is at his best when he can press. They were forced to play off the line last season. The Cowboys are reportedly changing that. At any rate, both are better than any available free agents. If the pass rush improves, so will the DB’s.

      • JustaFan

        Sorry that you think Church is one of the best! I guess giving up the deep ball 70% of the time is good now lol oh and lets not forget the missed tackles, as many as he had last year he could have had 20 or 30 more if not for the poor tackling, I think you should go back and watch film! I will say I think he is improving every year, but one of the best, not a chance, not yet anyways! Wilcox could be very good if he can stay on the field more!