New York Yankees trade rumors: John Mayberry Jr. edition

The trade deadline is fast approaching and with teams starting to make moves, the New York Yankees should look at starting pitchers to add to their rotation as well as strong hitters to help their struggling lineup.

While trade rumors speculate that the Yanks (among other teams) are heavily scouting Tampa Bay Rays’ ace David Price, it would be smart for them to also consider some outfield options such as Philadelphia Phillies John Mayberry Jr.

John_Mayberry_Jr_batting(1)Mayberry Jr. would be a real catch for the Yankees. He has experience, he is flexible in different defensive positions and he’s a decent hitter. He has a career bating average of .246, while this season with the Phillies his batting average is .256 with 20 RBIs and 5 home runs in sporadic playing time.

But the most important part about Mayberry is that he is versatile. He is able to play corner outfield as well as first base, which as of now could be the answer to the team’s problems.

Not having a backup first baseman has been a real issue this season for the Yanks. Acquiring Mayberry Jr. could be a helpful move that would supply a dependable alternate at first since Mark Teixeira has been on and off the field all season.

In addition to playing first base, Mayberry is also a reserve outfielder.

Recently, Carlos Beltran has not been taking the field due to an elbow injury and instead has been taking the role of designated hitter. As of now, it is uncertain whether Beltran will be back in the outfield for the rest of the 2014 season.

It may just be great timing for the Yankees to acquire Mayberry. Offensively, he may also be able to replace Alfonso Soriano who hasn’t been looking as great as he once did. And now with Beltran and Teixeira both inconsistent with their playing time due to their inconvenient injuries, Mayberry could be the answer to those defensive problems.

Mayberry has the potential to be a great asset to the Yankees. I think he would fit in great with their roster, he is a capable player who is just what the team needs. I hope they do all they can to acquire him, it won’t be cheap but I have a feeling it will be worth it. It will also give Mayberry a chance to flourish in a new environment in the Bronx.

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    Oh please. The Yanks need more than an average outfielder/infielder with at least more power and average than Mayberry. Get somebody else!