Houston Texans: Final offseason move that should be made

A lot has happened this offseason for the Houston Texans since the end of the 2013-14 NFL season. The most notable ones being the hiring of their new head coach Bill O’Brien to replace interim head coach Wade Phillips, and receiving the number one overall pick in the 2014 NFL draft.

Besides those moves it has been very quiet for the Texans. That was until their star receiver Andre Johnson made the league know that he is upset with the current situation that is going on with the Texans.

Houston Texans

Andre Johnson

Johnson has been in the league since 2003, and has spent his entire 11-year career with the Texans where he and the team had only three winning seasons and two 8-8 seasons. Before the disastrous year they just endured, the Texans were considered a Super Bowl contender, but now it looks as if being a contender again will take awhile with a new coaching staff and also a brand new quarterback at the helm.

Before the offseason comes to a close the Texans are going to have to figure out what they plan to do with Johnson being unhappy in Houston.

According to spotrac.com, Johnson’s base salary this year is 10 million dollars and right now in his contract is where it starts to get expensive for the Texans. If the team wanted to cut ties with the veteran wide receiver, the cap hit that will occur will be harsh. Also it will be hard for the Texans to trade him being 32 years old with such an expensive contract. Cutting him is a possibility but I’m pretty sure that they won’t do that, so the only possible situation is to make a trade.

The Texans just named Ryan Fitzpatrick as their starting quarterback who has the most experience at the position as a 10-year veteran. At the moment Fitzpatrick is a bridge quarterback until Tom Savage, their possible franchise quarterback, is ready. Fitzpatrick has shown that he can play at a decent level and be productive, but even so Fitzpatrick is not going to break out this year and take them to the Super Bowl. Matt Schaub couldn’t take them to the Super Bowl in his tenure with the Texans, and I believe he’s a better quarterback even with the rough year he just had.

Though Johnson is upset, he has to look at his situation at a different angle. They just drafted Jadeveon Clowney to help the defense which should take pressure away from J.J. Watt and get that defense back to a high level like they were in 2011 and 2012.

The offense will be better than it was in 2013 with Arian Foster back at full health, DeAndre Hopkins making improvements in his second year, and the improvement on the offensive line with the acquisition of Xavier Su’a-Filo in the draft. Johnson is upset because he knows his time is running short but there is a possibility that things can work out for the best if he comes in and is committed to making the team better.

  • Todd

    Johnson has been the face of the Texans for 11 yrs and 1 of the most dominant receivers in the game today for majority of that time. He deserves a chance to win a super bowl. I don’t foreseeing that happening in Houston before his career is over. Trade him to a contender. At least give him that much.

  • Ron Mexico

    I’d hate to see him go but considering all he has endured in Houston, I don’t begrudge him for not wanting to go through another rebuild. I am positive that if he remains in Houston this year will be more successful than the Last season.

  • richard

    trade Johnson now and send that cry baby foster with him

    • freefreeno

      If he dont want be there trade him now. I dont no why he is so upset because I believe fitzpatrick can get him the ball as well or better than Schaub

      • Lane

        I agree. I think he should give this coaching staff a shot. These guys mean business. They have taken teams a lot further than Kubiak who should have been fired 3 years ago.