VCU Basketball: This week’s 2015 scouting offers

Excitement is in the air about the 2014 recruits heading to VCU in the fall. Meanwhile, 2015 scouting is in full swing as well. Coach Smart has made some strong offers so far, and this week he brought no different.

Markis McDuffie unofficially visited VCU this past week and earned himself an offer. McDuffie is a 6-6, 175 pound small forward. He not only has the defensive qualities that Coach Smart scouts, he also has strong offensive skills. McDuffie can shoot from inside and outside the arc as he accurately sinks threes and field goal shots regularly.

VCU Rams defeat Richmond (Photo credit: Patrick Wood)

VCU Rams defeat Richmond (Photo credit: Patrick Wood)

Last season McDuffie averaged 14.4 PPG and 1.8 REB/G. He scored 35 3-point shots and 113 FG shots last season. McDuffie gets points up and follows his shots with no hesitation to make sure his team scores on their side of the court. When watching McDuffie play, fans can see a very fluid player. He uses his quick hands to pass and shoot very well. McDuffie has a very confident attitude on the court which shows as he powerfully controls the ball. His range is important to note because he could be a great asset to the Ram’s shooting game. McDuffie, in addition to his shooting range, is great at driving to the basket. He doesn’t shy away from physical contact. This would be great for VCU as they are no stranger to use their speed physically as a team on both offense and defense.

Photo credit: Patrick Wood

Photo credit: Patrick Wood

McDuffie’s strong athleticism and quick nature look to be a great fit for the personality of the Ram’s game. With his senior year still ahead, his skill and strength will likely only go up from here.

This weekend VCU hosted yet another talented player. Kenny Williams, a 6-3 175 pound shooting guard made his way to see what VCU has to offer. Fans will see in the coming week if Coach Smart sees Ram potential in Williams.

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