WWE Money in the Bank: Who will win each ladder match?

mitbYear after year, the Money in the Bank Ladder match is one of the best matches of the year.

This year’s show highlights not only the always exciting MITB Ladder Match, but it will also include eight men trying to climb a ladder for the WWE World Title.

Talk about unpredictable! I think each match has about three realistically possible winners. Let’s dive into predictions, shall we?

Money in the Bank Ladder Match

I think this is the tougher of the two matches to predict. I’m going to go person by person until we get a winner.

Let’s start with Kofi Kingston and Jack Swagger. Both of these guys, in my opinion, have no realistic shot to win. They are both career mid card superstars. It’s a shame it has turned out that way, but someone needs to do it. The show is in Boston, Kofi’s hometown; however I just don’t see either of these two winning the match.

They should both create some great moments, though.

Just like RVD will. He is a little more likely than the prior two men, but I don’t think he has much of a shot. Fans would like to see RVD with the briefcase, but the WWE give it to him at this point in his career.

Bad News Barrett was a heavy favorite, my pick to win, actually. However, WWE.com reported that Barrett had separated his shoulder at the Smackdown taping. Barring something crazy, Barrett won’t be winning this one.

This is where things get interesting. Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins have been going at it ever since the Shield split. It is a rivalry that could be classic (see: Related Article), and it kicks off at MITB.

Anything could happen between these two, and I expect them to beat the living crap out of each other from the first bell to the last bell. It won’t be what Rollins wants to do, but Ambrose will be all over the former “architect of the Shield” as soon as the bell sounds.

Who knows what these two will do, but expect something great because that is just what these guys do. You think they’re going to let the other ladder match be better? Yeah right. To me, this feud seems to be going elsewhere and to continue at WWE Battleground in July and SummerSlam in August. That’s why I don’t think any of these two will walk away with the briefcase.

With that said, the WWE could have their rivalry centered around the briefcase.That leaves just one man that I think will win it, and he’s done it before.



I’m not sure if you’ve ever heard me talk about him, but his name is Dolph Ziggler. He is a former MITB winner and he makes the most sense to win it again. Hopefully, WWE is finally putting Ziggler on the path to the main event scene once again.

WWE World Title Match

This match is a bit more easy to predict.

Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio have the same roles as Kofi and Swagger. They’re just there to round out the card so the top guys can put on a show.

Kane is a role player is this one. He won’t win but he could play a big part in the outcome. Maybe he will be there to help Randy Orton or make sure Roman Reigns doesn’t win it.

Cesaro was the heavy favorite had this match be for the briefcase and not the championship. He was really hurt by Bryan’s injury because WWE was ready to put the briefcase on him, but most likely not the title yet. I wouldn’t rule out Cesaro winning, but I’d consider it really unlikely.

As we get to more likely winners, Randy Orton has to  be considered one of the favorites. He has had the belt before and there is no doubt the WWE feels comfortable with him as the champion. braybray

Bray Wyatt is a dark house candidate. People seem to forget he is in the match, and is definitely one of the top heels this company has and will be for the next decade barring an injury. Giving him the title here would shock the WWE Universe and could lead to something great.

Roman Reigns is another favorite to win. The WWE have made him look unbeatable lately and it seems like they could give him his first title run. I expect Reigns to take on Triple H at SummerSlam, which is why I don’t consider him the favorite to win it.

cena hhh

My prediction to win is John Cena. I know that isn’t the favorable opinion but it’s pretty easy to predict. WWE is in a bad spot right now. The stock is as low as it’s been is a long time, their champion had to get neck surgery, and the WWE Network doesn’t seem as successful as they might have hoped.

When the times are as bad as they are, the WWE will go to the one man they know they can count on. They one man they know will sell merchandise and sell pay-per-views; that man is John Cena. The internet won’t be happy with Cena winning over Reigns, Wyatt, and Cesaro, but I think that when MITB is over, Cena will be just one World Title away from Ric Flair’s record.