Detroit Tigers trade rumors: Starting rotation edition

As each day passes, the Detroit Tigers are getting closer and closer to the trade deadline. The one trade they may have to make may involve starting pitcher Max Scherzer. Max_Scherzer

Scherzer turned down a 6-year deal worth $144 million dollars before the season started and is set to become a free agent at the end of the year. It does not appear Scherzer wants to stay in Detroit.

That being said, a deal that involves sending Scherzer somewhere to get something in return is always a possibility.

Now just to clarify, I don’t see this happening if the Tigers are going all in with Scherzer knowing that he is one of their best chances to win the World Series this year. There obviously are reasons why they could make a deal though.

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Left-handed pitcher and Tigers prospect Robbie Ray is looked at as one of the next pitchers to enter that rotation. He has shown in his couple starts this year that while he may still be developing, he has a lot of potential to be a solid starting pitcher. That could be one route that the Tigers are looking to go with if they don’t decide to trade Scherzer and he leaves town.

If they are willing to trade Scherzer, one trade that could be great for the Tigers would be getting Tampa Bay Rays pitcher David Price.

Now call me crazy or whatever you want to call me, but just hear me out.

Price and Scherzer share a common interest as they have both won the Cy Young award the past two seasons with Price winning in 2012 and Scherzer winning in 2013.

DPPrice is one of the best pitchers on the market right now and besides wins and losses, statistically Price is having the better year between the two. Price has more strikeouts, a lower ERA, and a better WHIP than Scherzer does. The Rays have shown interest in dealing Price to another team and while it may not be an even trade in some eyes, maybe both pitchers would be willing to work out a long-term deal with each other’s new teams if any trade was to happen.

Now some other names on the market that could catch the eyes of GM Dave Dombrowski include Chicago Cubs pitcher Jeff Samardzija, Kansas City Royals pitcher James Shields, and San Diego Padres pitcher Ian Kennedy.

Any trade can happen at anytime if the right price is available.

While Dombrowski has said that the Tigers trade market only revolves in trying to find a middle relief pitcher, if the right offer is available for Scherzer, look for the GM to make the trade happen.

  • ElectricPaul

    You have to remember that Price only has 1 1/2 years worth of contract remaining now and the Tigers would be in a similar if not WORSE position prior to the start of next season as he would be up for arbitration for the 2015 season and who knows where that may lead salary wise and then at this point in the 2015 season you are exactly in the same position as they are with Max now.

    I would rather keep Max and deal with him than Price…Now if you offered JV for Price you may have my support…I love JV and what he brought to my lifelong favorite team but JV has not been the JV from 2011 AND he is the club salary albatross. The proof is also in the pudding and as you can see his stats (nearly across the board) have gotten worse each year. But my guess is that Tampa would want more than just JV because of JV’s stats the last 3 seasons (2012-now).

    If he had been playing like he was 3 years ago I wouldn’t be saying this…but it makes better money sense to try to deal JV away for Price and divvy the money up between Scherzer and Price for the foreseeable future (I would say 4 years for Max and 5 1/2 for Price) and you have TWO of the most consistent starting pitchers in the league. Price’s W/L record is mainly due to Tampa’s lack of offense.

    If they could pull off a JV/Price trade they would also free up some money and then they could work on getting some good, competent and consistent relief pitchers and/or a lock-down closer.

  • Cctjr9$

    The only way I see us getting rid of scherzer is by two lights out guys for the pen and a prospect or two. I’d trade him for the fact I think he is a ballon being blown up more and more and about to pop. Hopefully he won’t pop when he is with us. Fister was a fantastic trade and Porcello is rocking. Suarez, martinez, martinez, Castellanos, kinsler, and miggy r all heating up and we should have a fun time for the rest of the season. We need to make a big move for our pen otherwise our chances in the post season will be short lived. With moya and carrera looking well in the minors could we rule out the option of trading Ajax? I wouldn’t be inclined to it

  • Chris

    Please, please, please, with the way JV and Smyly are pitching we get rid of Scherzer, OUE SEASON WILL BE DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • happygo_1

    Dombrowski already gave Fister away. I don’t see him giving Scherzer away in the same year, thereby further handcuffing his rookie manager. Not if he still wants to make one more run at the World Series.

    • Ryan

      I agree. That is why I said if they keep Scherzer, it is for one last run.

      • cctjr98

        U guys r nuts. DD saw what is happening next year and made a great move(minus trading lambardozzi) smyly isn’t pitching horrible we e just used to seeing him post numbers in the two for era and he’s not. Fister isn’t doing much better then smyly. And Robbie Ray is amazing and will be great in years to come. Can’t wait to see him pitch more!

  • Sean Richard Clifton

    Then the Tigers may have some extra cash in order to sign VMart!!!

  • Sean Richard Clifton

    Maybe a trade for Price and a middle reliever. Tampa has got to have someone better than what the Tigers have.

  • steverino9

    It makes no sense at all to trade Scherzer for Price. None. Zero.

    Nor does Samardzija, Shields or Kennedy.

    And if you don’t know why they don’t make sense, you shouldn’t be putting your stuff out there for the whole wide world to see.

    You just wasted five minutes of my time. Won’t happen again.

    • Ryan

      I appreciate the read! Thanks for taking your time reading it!

    • bigfoot300

      Scherzer for price I would love, but Tampa is not going to pay Scherzer when they can keep Price. It’s lose-lose for Tampa. KC is NOT going to blow what little shot they have by giving up Shields and Kennedy isn’t worth Scherzer unless there’s some GREAT middle relief thrown in.