New York Giants: Quarterback rant

New York Giants

Eli Manning

All of the New York Giants are being carefully scrutinized because of how poorly the 2013 season went. Hopes are high for an extreme comeback this year and the players are going to feel the heat. All eyes are looking at Eli Manning to rise from the ashes of his 7-9 season.

Eli Manning began this offseason with ankle surgery and now he claims he is completely healed and playing as well as he did before. He better hope he is in tiptop shape and playing with extreme accuracy because Giants fans will not have another 2013 season. He threw a deafening 27 interceptions last year and any hope of making the playoffs was dashed before the season was six games old.

Manning is 33 years old with two years left on his contract so most likely he’ll ride that out. I don’t see Manning going anywhere anytime soon. The 2013 season wasn’t the first time he led the league in interceptions thrown. He’s actually done this two other times before- Giants fans know that turnovers are part of the Eli Manning experience.

This season must be a turnaround and I think that it most definitely will be with the roster they have compiled. My only tinge of nervousness lies with the quarterbacks.

Ryan Nassib is Manning’s backup and personally I don’t feel comfortable there. The backup quarterback should be just as good and just as dependable as the starter. Apparently, Nassib has been throwing with little accuracy this offseason and that’s completely unsettling. He threw interception after interception at open OTAs and that sends me into a frenzy of Manning flashbacks and I just can’t handle another interception filled season. Yes, they happen but not all the time.

New York Giants

Ryan Nassib

Ben McAdoo’s new system is hopefully going to be the saving grace to put the Giants back on top and regain some credibility for being a strong team. According to Jordan Raanan, it includes “a ton of screen passes, quick-timing horizontal pass patterns, and three-step drops.”

The new offensive coordinator could be to blame for the lack of accuracy that Nassib is experiencing. Changing the whole system definitely takes time to adjust to. Manning clearly has to do the same and there is a lot of time left for them to adjust, but hopefully sooner rather then later. Fixing the offensive line is key and I think this system will work once Manning and Nassib get it under control.

All in all they still have a lot of work to do still with training camp rapidly approaching. The offensive line needs time to work together and get the flow down to help them succeed. This takes time and once they have it we’ll know it. Both quarterbacks have all eyes on them being the ones who can essentially make or break the team. Both have history with interceptions, Manning more then Nassib and both have individual strengths. Nassib has his speed and Manning has the experience. I’m still weary with Nassib but with McAdoo’s help I think he can really turn around the quarterbacks and make them who we need them to be.