WWE: Chris Jericho returns, feud with Wyatt will be top notch

Welcome to RAW is Jericho.

WWE’s first ever Undisputed Champion, Chris Jericho made his return to the squared circle on Monday Night RAW. Y2J has been absent from WWE programming for quite some time. He’s been touring with his band Fozzy.

The wait is over, though, the loud-mouth, boisterous superstar is back. Jericho made his return, interrupting the return of another superstar, The Miz. The Miz, also off  WWE television for awhile has been filming the Marine four. The Miz was hyped for RAW as the WWE told the universe a former WWE Champion was returning.WWE

The Miz returned as a heel, and that’s a good thing for his character. He excelled as a heel and could be a favorite to win the now vacant Intercontinental Title as Bad News Barrett is out of acton with a shoulder injury.

Cutting a program, the Miz was interrupted by Jericho’s return. After receiving a code breaker, The Miz was no longer the focus.

Jericho was in the spot light until the Wyatt family ambushed him. Bray Wyatt gave Jericho Sister Abigal and it’s now the beginning of what is to be a top notch feud.

Wyatt versus Jericho is a huge draw. One of the rising stars in Wyatt taking on the veteran and always popular, Jericho. The storyline is perfect as well.

The Wyatt’s are always taking the “saving you, saving me,” approach. Wyatt, trying to portray a God of some sort, is now matched up with a man who comes back to wrestling to also “save us.”

Bray WyattThese two superstar have suburb mic skills. Both will cut some of the best promos during this feud. It will make for amazing build to what should be fantastic in-ring performances as well.

Jericho and Wyatt both have the ability to put on matches that will make for must-watch WWE TV. When Wyatt was paired with John Cena in a lengthy feud, the veteran put him over well. Cena has that ability but I believe Jericho’s a step above Cena, in both in-ring action and on the mic.

WWE not giving an advance notice of Jericho’s return was a smart move. I’ve always loved the surprise return of superstars. Jericho has returned with hyped video packages in the past. This time WWE hyped the Miz, but won the audience over with Jericho’s surprise return.

I also believe that the Wyatt’s entrance is one of the best when it comes to surprising opponents. The quick showing of the lamb mask popping up on the screen and the family appearing out of darkness makes for a great ambush scenario. Which was excited nicely on RAW.

This feud will be one of the best in awhile and it will ultimately conclude at the Summer Slam pay-per-view. Buckle up, kids, this is going to be a hell of a ride.